Saturday, January 31, 2015
Max Payne 3 Reviews Go Hot – Go Out And Buy It

Max Payne 3 Reviews Go Hot – Go Out And Buy It

You’ve been waiting, not on the fence, but waiting for the good day when Max Payne 3 reviews would confirm the game’s awesomeness. You need not wait any longer because Rockstar’s lifted the embargo and the reviews have flooded gaming’s web. Good news, son, it’s a must-buy.

Games Radar – 10/10

CVG – 8/10

IGN – 9/10

GameInformer – 9.25/10

TSA – 9/10

Strategy Informer – 9/10

IncGamers – 9/10

Videogamer – 8/10

Joystiq – 4.5/5

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  • Mezzo

    Joystiq Review Score is 4.5/5, not 10.

    You scared me. lol

  • nick

    i would if i could…….
    im a little disappointed on this though, i mean come on this is max freaking payne it should be getting no less than a 9!
    disappointing its been getting a few 8s and even mid 7s, come on surely a R* game is worth more than a mid 7!
    i was really hoping to be blown away by this, left with my faw six feet under but that looks like its not going to happen.
    which is really depressing!
    i miss the good old days where games were literally flawless!
    so many ps2 games i could list where i would not change a single thing!
    ps3 games though, well, i could count them on a single hand!
    strange no diablo 3 reviews are out yet, the games been out for 10 hours now!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, folks are telling me it’s a lot of fun, definitely a great game but not the best. But whatever, I’m sure I’ll spend long hours in this.

  • nick

    i think, i hope, that im holding too much weight in the reviews.
    i mean go read IGNs review, there nothing but spewing praise then give it a 9!
    so why doesent it deserve a 10?
    because its “too linear”!
    thats a joke right?
    MP is suppose to be linear, you cant deliver a action experience like that with a open world styled game!
    this is max payne not crysis or GTA!
    i dont know why i keep reading their reviews, the past few years they have gone down the sink!
    i hope it turns out flawless, it should 1 its a R* game and they are always flawless bar GTAIV, and its max freaking payne he deserves NO LESS!
    i wish remedy would buy back the series and give us a max payne 4, back in the gritty noire city of NYC!