Thursday, September 4, 2014
Grand Theft Auto V Launching December 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Launching December 2012

Ever since Bioshock Infinite was delayed into 2012, many have been speculating that one of Take-Two’s other big game might see a release sometime this year. Well, we’ve just gotten more hints leading us to believe Rockstar’s preparing a nice Christmas present for gamers the world over.

Amazon UK’s put up a release date for Grand Theft Auto V on its website, pinning a December 2012 launch for the highly-anticipated game.

Did Amazon put this date up mistakenly? We doubt it. Expect more details from Rockstar soon.

Thanks, vgsaints.

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    would be a nice present for my collection, really looking forward to this game!

  • Ghost250

    GTA V is gonna be dope, just like every other GTA game.


    no doubt in my mind bout that, still think grand theft auto san andreas was the best of them all , but this one looks really good!

  • nick

    retailers always put dec down whenever a games releasing that year, but they dont know which month.
    it wont be releasing in december.
    its a shame R* are not showing up at E3 this year, i mean yea they never do but come on what better place to show one of the industries biggest franchises!?
    only thing ive always hated about R*.
    they always reveal a game then dont say boo about it for 6 months!
    drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!
    speaking of announcing games then not saying boo for so long what the blazing hell is happening with agent!?
    im just about ready to put that down as vapourware!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Rockstar’s never really been big fans of E3 anyway.

  • nick

    cant understand why though, as i said theres no better place to show one of the industries biggest franchises!
    one thing i hate about R* they always announce a game then make you wait months to ever see it again!
    just makes the development time feel even longer.

  • Ghost250

    Rockstar doesn’t need E3, they are juggernaut alone by themselves. whenever they announce a game people know about it off the bat.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True that, Ghost.