Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Quenchables: New Dragon Dogma Quests Details Emerge

Quenchables: New Dragon Dogma Quests Details Emerge

Dragon’s Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno has revealed how quests and information from NPCs in the highly-anticipated game will be found, so you won’t have to trouble your brain searching. Capcom Unity’s got the full quencher here.

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  • nick

    one thing i really hope dragons dogma does better is quest information.
    only thing i hate about the witcher 2 is it does not give you enough info.
    in the PC version its a nusence but its helped because you can see the names of each town on the map.
    on the 360 version for some reason you cant.
    so a level will say go visit x at lobiden cemetary.
    wheres that?
    good freaking question!
    no seriously is it north?
    good freaking question!
    good freaking question!
    good freaking question!
    good freaking question!
    i hope you love walking around in circles for 3 hours looking for one person!
    please developers, why, oh why cant we have a big fat x sitting on the map saying GO HERE!?
    instead of you telling us the name of the place and we have to use our internal sat nav to find it.

  • nick

    off to a good start gameinformer gave it a 8.5

  • Ernice Gilbert

    you’ve got the magazine?

  • nick

    yup came in the mail today.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Give me some more details. Like the last paragraph summary. Will post it up.

  • nick

    just the last paragraph.
    “Dragons Dogma is an unconventional game for Capcom and action-RPG in general. Combat feels like a nessessary part of the games design, rather than something that was begrudgingly added to provide interaction between cutscenes. I left the game feeling that I had made my mark on Gransys the way I chose to, instead of being escourted from plot point to plot point.
    when your talking about an open world game, i cant think of higher praise”.
    Jeff Cork.
    sounds like its similar to skyrim, except the 2 downsides to skyrim its combat, and its linearity are vastly improved.
    as he said skyrim had a really plot point to plot point feel, you really never felt like you had a mark on the town, on the townsfolk.
    this looks to change that which is nice.
    combats most important to me though, something that looks to be VASTLY improved over skyrim!
    all in all im pretty impressed, a 8.5 from a unknown developer, from a shady at best publisher, in one of the most competitive hardest genres out there!
    colour me impressed!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Thanks, I’ll send live a post in a bit!

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