Tuesday, August 19, 2014
CQC Is Unexpectedly Popular In Battlefield 3 – DICE Talks DLC

CQC Is Unexpectedly Popular In Battlefield 3 – DICE Talks DLC

Battlefield is a franchise known for big maps and massive battles, however DICE’s statistics have surprised the developer when it comes to popular maps: the ones they thought would be the most played are not. In fact, the most popular maps in BF3 are Close Quarters Combat maps like Metro (it’s the most played map in Battlefield 3), hence the first wave of DLC, Close Quarters.

“We looked at what people are playing and the result is a tighter infantry experience with CQ,” said DICE Gameplay Designer Gustav Halling. Halling added that when polled, gamers say overwhelmingly they want more big maps, however the hard statistics tell a different story.

“Polls say one thing, our real statistics say another. What players actually are playing not what some click,” he said, adding, “it’s a interesting challenge for me because its not what is expected by us.” Yet, “its still BF3 gameplay, not any other game!.”

What would you guys prefer, more close quarters maps, or massive levels like Caspian Border?

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  • Saint123q

    In my opinion, COD is CQC and that is how the maps are designed, that is the whole point to it. What seperates COD and BF3 from eachother is the engagements, Gun on Gun Gameplay, and so forth so I think the bigger maps map it fun, it truely speaks to BF’s whole thing as being a War Simulator.

  • Dean Kent

    It would seem that some COD players are migrating across bringing there game play style with them>
    its just a sign of the times and we are all just to impatient to play the big maps because. hey….. we are all about the Killz!

  • rpatricky

    The way I see it is, when I load a quick match, 9 times out of 10 it is a small map and I am tired of waiting for it to start so I can leave and have it start again. I can choose a server directly but, maybe just my luck, the next map is always a small one. I think it’s more rotation and bad luck.
    My preference is larger maps with vehicles.

  • nick

    in the alpha it was ok because you had infiltrate, but for some stupid reason they removed all of it so its boring now!
    then people wonder why every game is turning into COD!
    sigh, i give up!

  • foxton

    I think the only reason why Metro is the most popular is because like metioned above, quick kills, i always start my session off with a conquest in metro, simply because you get loads of points, and loads of kills so its a good starting game to get your aim in (at least it was before everyone played with the USAS)
    I like both smaller maps and the larger ones, Caspian Border and Karg island are my favourites, its a totally different style of play than the Closer maps like Metro. Grand Bazaar and Seine crossing. Lookinf gorward to the Closer quarters, but yeah sounds like they bringing this in to please the COD players.