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Next PS Blog Update To Announced The Return Of PSN?

by Ernice Gilbert on May 12th, 2011, under Hot, News, PSN, Sony

It’s been three weeks since the PlayStation Network was breached, and thus far, Sony’s delivered 16 updates to relay information concerning the situation, but none has brought fourth the news gamers the world over are anticipating: PSN’s return.

But could the next update be the one we’ve been waiting for? Because there’s really nothing else the firm could or should tell us but that PSN is back up, and we can get to gaming. Get the full timeline below the break.

PSN Is Now In Final Testing Phase, Service Should Resume Soon

by Ernice Gilbert on May 5th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

Via the US PS Blog, Sony’s announced that its in the final stages of testing the new PSN, and that service should come back online soon, as early promised.

Can’t Comment On The US And EU PS Blogs? Blame The PSN Outage

by Ernice Gilbert on April 28th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony

I was having problems just visiting the US PS Blog way before this whole mess blew up, I’m sure some of you can remember this thread. But some people, although they’re able to access the PlayStation blogs, they’re not able to comment on them. That too, according to Sony, is caused by the PSN outage, and will be fixed with PSN’s return.

PSN Outage: It’s Worst Than Sony Would Have Us Believe

by Ernice Gilbert on April 26th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

PSN went out last Wednesday, and to make a long story short, today’s the following Tuesday, and the firm’s yet to put the service back online, or give any substantial update as to what’s really going on. Sony told us an “external intrusion” forced them to take down the service, and that they’re rebuilding the system for better security. Yet there are all sorts of rumors flying around the web and most of them are damaging to the firm.

Rumors which claim ours credit card information might be at risk, talk of hackers being able to download all sorts of content for free, all while Sony stock takes a dip on the US Stock Exchange. So are Sony really coming clean? I’m sure they’re not, in fact, up to this day, I still can’t visit the US PS Blog, and someone who claims to be part of Anonymous has stopped in the comments section of a particular thread here, claiming they’re still bombarding PSN with unwanted traffic.

PSN Outage Caused By “An External Intrusion”, Says Sony

by Ernice Gilbert on April 22nd, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

The PlayStation Network has been down for the past few days, and up until now, the only update Sony’s given us was that they were investigating the situation, and would keep us posted about what’s going on through new updates. Well the latest update has arrived and Sony’s admitted an “external intrusion” caused the outage, and that they are working tirelessly to restore the service.

Sony Websites Including US PS Blog Unaccessible As Attacks Take Drastic Turn

by Ernice Gilbert on April 12th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony

Earlier today, I wrote a piece talking of the issues I faced while trying to connect to PSN, and up to this point I still haven’t been able to connect. I thought it was an attack on the PlayStation Network by hackers, but gamers debunked the claim, contending they connected easily. I have yet to connect, however.

But while trying to update Games Thirst with a US PS Store update post, I realized that I couldn’t access the PlayStation Blog. I tried different browsers to see if my cache was causing the issue, but it was not. Then I tried other Sony websites and realized they were not available.

Video Thirst: Do The Victory Dance In SOCOM 4

by Ernice Gilbert on March 17th, 2011, under Hot, News, PS3, Sony

Oh Yeah. Nothing’s better than sticking it to the enemy after a hard online battle, and while other games have their way of celebrating victory, in SOCOM 4, you’ll break out in a dance.

Quench the vid past the break.

Online Quencher – SOCOM 4 Beta Coming To PS Plus Early, For Free, Lots More

by Ernice Gilbert on March 17th, 2011, under Hot, News, Sony

PlayStation Plus members are in for yet another treat, as Sony’s made known it’ll offer subs of the service free SOCOM 4 beta codes, early access to the beta and free game trials. I’ve said it before and will again – PS Plus is the place to be.

Video Thirst: US PS Blog Killzone 3 Interview: “Competition” Amongst PS3 Devs

by Ernice Gilbert on May 27th, 2010, under Videos

Killzone 3 is looking awesome. Listen to Guerrilla Games‘ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide to talk jetpacks, fan requests, new Helghast foes, and how Killzone 3 will improve upon Killzone 2 in terms of graphics, controls, combat, and more.

It’s past the break.