Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Sony: PSN Security Is Now “World-Leading”


Sony’s boasting that PSN security is now “world-leading” after the service was hacked back in April, with Michael Denny, senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios, Europe telling Videogamer that although it was a rough time, they’ve learnt many lessons from it. Read More »

Quick Quenchers: Xbox Exec Wouldn’t Wish PSN Hack “Upon Anybody”

“It’s bad for the industry that this has happened to Sony. It’s very, very bad. It’s very damaging. So we don’t wish that upon anybody and you’ve seen we’ve been actually pretty quiet on the subject because we don’t want to appear to even be looking to be taking advantage of somebody else’s situation like that. That’s just not in ... Read More »

Sony Starts Its Identity Theft Protection Plan Roll Out

If you’re resident of the United States and have a valid PSN account, (details on other regions coming soon) you can now begin the enrollment process of for the identity theft program Sony’d promised immediately after it found out that PSN had been breached, and sensitive information including credit card details, date of birth etc., were at risk. Read More »

Next PS Blog Update To Announced The Return Of PSN?

It’s been three weeks since the PlayStation Network was breached, and thus far, Sony’s delivered 16 updates to relay information concerning the situation, but none has brought fourth the news gamers the world over are anticipating: PSN’s return. But could the next update be the one we’ve been waiting for? Because there’s really nothing else the firm could or should ... Read More »

Fear Mongering: “They” Are Trying To Turn You Away From PSN

Sony has been rattled as of recent. The company saw its most precious network suffer a devastating attack over two weeks ago by hackers hellbent on destroying its reputation, and a few days past we learned they also attacked Sony’s Online Portal. Simply put, the recent attacks have done massive damage to the company, and its employees are working around ... Read More »

Sony Offers Free Identity Protection Service Through DEBIX

In wake of the PSN hack that saw over 70 million accounts breached, with sensitive information such as first and last name, date of birth, address and possibly sensitive credit card information being exposed, Sony’s gone the extra mile and is now providing those affected (that’d be all of us) with free AllClear ID Plus protection through a deal it’s ... Read More »