Friday, August 29, 2014
Exclusive: Always-Online Backlash Caused Microsoft To Change Its Strategy, Intended To Be ‘Apple’ Of Industry

Exclusive: Always-Online Backlash Caused Microsoft To Change Its Strategy, Intended To Be ‘Apple’ Of Industry

For the past few months, all we’ve heard concerning Microsoft’s next Xbox has been negative: it blocks used games from working, it won’t work without an internet connection – and so on. Rumor after rumor painted the still unannounced machine as unfriendly to the gamer – but it was Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth who sparked a firestorm when he tweeted that gamers who are upset about the next Xbox being always connected should simply ‘deal with it’.

Orth is no longer at Microsoft but the damage is done. Damage Microsoft intends to fix – and has already started.

Rest assured that it’s no coincident that Kotaku, The Verge and VGLeaks all are reporting on changes occurring within Microsoft’s Xbox department, with the new rumors now saying the console won’t need an internet connection to play video games. This is actually true, but according to my sources, occurred only recently.

Sources close to Games Thirst told us that Microsoft was indeed intent on making the Xbox an always-connected machine that wouldn’t play videogames without an internet connection, however the backlash caused them to dial back their reach, apparently.

Microsoft’s original intent was to be the Apple of the games industry by forcing the digital revolution upon it, just like Apple did with the music industry, when it started selling single songs for $.99. Durango would still use a 50GB capacity Blu-ray disc, however blocking the sale of used games and requiring an internet connection to play games were part of the bigger revolutionary picture.

Top executives saw the backlash and the bad press Durango was receiving, and held meetings to change that. These new rumors are not happenstance.

According to VG Leaks:

Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games. Putting in an Xbox 360 disc into Durango will prompt the user to attach the supporting device that is sold separately. By separating the two devices and their functions it will ensure price competitiveness for both pieces of hardware. Microsoft’s delay in announcing these products from April goes more inline with not having a physical set of devices to show (among specification updates), which should be ready by May or June when this information is officially released.

The price goal of the smaller Xbox is $149 or lower and it is likely to not have a disc drive and would require a network connection. Durango will be priced competitively according to PS4′s price.

So the next Xbox will play offline games, it seems – and it won’t block the sale of used games, either. Microsoft is hoping to turn the tide of bad news the console, one yet to be announced, has been getting ever since Sony announced PS4.

In light of all of this, will you buy the next Xbox?

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  • dean kent

    i’ll buy both but only because im a spoilt child who needs shiny new toys

  • Ghost250

    PS4 for me only, though i wish sony would release like a PlayStation Hub that attaches to the PS4 similar to what this xbox mini is supposed to do. it would be great to have the PS4 and have a machine next to it support all the legacy content of past playstation machines.

  • Benzo

    I have to see what xbox is going to do game wise, because I can care less about the other stuff. I’m a gamer 1st so show me GAMES!!!!! Then I shall judge thee worthy or unworthy of my loot!

  • ernicegilbert

    Agreed with you there Benzo. It’s all about the game for me too!

  • ernicegilbert

    Good point, Ghost. Wonder if Sony will have something similar.

  • ernicegilbert


  • Wolf1888

    Yeah, I’m pretty much just like you I guess.. XD

  • os1019

    Same here it is all about the games. However Microsoft appears to be bedmates with insanity.

  • JohnMFWayneee

    If Microsoft goes back on it’s word about this they won’t be getting a PENNY from me. Some people, like me, don’t have a cable connection to the internet. Some of us have DSL because we have no other options for the area we live in. It’s impossible for me to play games with my friends on XBL because DSL is garbage and isn’t even stable enough to surf the web throughout the day… much less link up with people on XBL! It’s a pain for me as it is to even play my arcade games that I rightfully own because I have to be online. And if I’m not then I can only play trial versions! (Yes I have done a license transfer and called support. The situation is still unresolved).

    If I have to put up with the same BS with $60 games then FORGET IT. It’s not gonna happen! So this Adam Orth person telling me that I can just “deal with it” can kiss my ASS. I REFUSE to deal with “it” or even Microsoft for that matter if that’s how they’re going to treat their customers!

    And unable to play used games?! If going to dish out $400+ for the system and hardware then it had DAMN well better be able to play whatever XB game I put into it. Hopefully that idea is just some kind of a sick joke. The next thing you know they’ll be issuing controllers that read (and are linked to) your fingerprints!

    I realize that most of this is conjecture about a system that hasn’t even been officially announced yet; but if any of these rumors are true then you can count me out. I won’t be buying.

    end rant