Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Exclusive: Always-Online Backlash Caused Microsoft To Change Its Strategy, Intended To Be ‘Apple’ Of Industry


For the past few months, all we’ve heard concerning Microsoft’s next Xbox has been negative: it blocks used games from working, it won’t work without an internet connection – and so on. Rumor after rumor painted the still unannounced machine as unfriendly to the gamer – but it was Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth who sparked a firestorm when he ... Read More »

Used Game Block Will “Kill” Next Xbox, Retailers Say

The Next Xbox

If the rumors are true, the next Xbox is shaping up to be an unfriendly console. What, with the system requiring an internet connection to work and blocking the sale of used games, it seems as if Durango is out to kill itself. Speaking of which,  retailers in the U.K. are warning Microsoft not to enforce the blocking of used ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: Do You Believe Microsoft Will Actually Do This?

The Next Xbox

You guys know what I’m taking about. I’m referring to all the rumors concerning Xbox 720 or whatever it’ll be called, blocking used games from working. Just last night, Edge-Online, the almost always accurate source, said that its own sources had confirmed that indeed, the new Xbox will be always-connected and will render discs, once installed on the system, useless. ... Read More »