Monday, September 1, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Do You Believe Microsoft Will Actually Do This?

Thirsty Conversations: Do You Believe Microsoft Will Actually Do This?

You guys know what I’m taking about. I’m referring to all the rumors concerning Xbox 720 or whatever it’ll be called, blocking used games from working. Just last night, Edge-Online, the almost always accurate source, said that its own sources had confirmed that indeed, the new Xbox will be always-connected and will render discs, once installed on the system, useless. But surely Microsoft has seen the negativity these rumors have garnered and have decided to change their minds, right?

Surely, they wouldn’t commit suicide and neglect the feedback from these rumors. Gamers want to be able to buy games and sell it to buy something else! After all, it’s their hard-earned money they’ve spent and being able to resell the item to get something else is only fair.

Just recently the US Supreme Court upheld the ‘first sale’ right to sell used books and movies, even when purchased abroad. I believe the same should apply to games. I also believe that these publishers are taking notice.

Surely, Redmond has its eyes on all what’s happening and, again, sorry for the same word, but surely, they’ve changed their minds about locking the next Xbox from playing used games.


Because if not, they’re in for a big surprise. At least that’s what I think. Your take? Do you think gamers will even care that their new console on which they’ve spent hundreds of dollars to play games, won’t allow them to play a used title they purchased from GameStop or a friend?

Share your thoughts.

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