Saturday, September 6, 2014
Here We Go – Next Xbox Reveal Event Now Live

Here We Go – Next Xbox Reveal Event Now Live

Sony had its chance and now it’s Microsoft go to turn the gaming world upside down with the reveal of the next Xbox. It’s happening tomorrow, we’ll be covering the full thing up-to-the-minute. You’ll also be able to watch the event live, right here on Gamesthirst. Livestream, courtesy IGN.


What Expect: Expect Microsoft to discuss the future of the new console, and unlike Sony’s reveal, the software giant is expected to actually show the machine and, according to Xbox front man Major Nelson, will talk games at E3. But there will be some games, most notably:

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Activision and Microsoft have a long-running relationship, so it came as little surprise that the publisher chose to unveil the first next-generation Call of Duty game at Microsoft’s next Xbox reveal. We’ll get a first look at what Call of Duty will look like on the upcoming platforms, on a brand new engine, with genre-defining visuals and destructibility. Can COD: Ghosts top Battlefield 4? We’ll have to wait and see. More Games: Apart from Call of Duty: Ghosts, the big Microsoft exclusives will definitely be on hand. Expect to see, Halo, Gears of War, Forza and a flood of Kinect titles. Speaking of which… kinect Kinect: It is rumored that the next Xbox will be bundled with the Kinect peripheral, as the console won’t be able to work without it. Not sure that’s a good thing… I mean, picture yourself, children or wife walking around the house naked and steps right in front of the sensor… What happens then? Can you turn off that camera? Freedom in my own house be damned. Clarification: Will the console be always-on? Will it play used games? Will Xbox Live be free? All these are questions Microsoft will have to answer decisively, because for the past few months, the rumors have painted the machine as being unfriendly to gamers. TV: The next Xbox will be more than just a games console, as Microsoft is looking to “win” the living room by turning the machine into a TV box, where you’ll be able to watch cable channels directly through it. It’s the reason why the always-online rumor persists, but we’ll know for sure if that’s true tomorrow. So are you ready? Are you excited? We’ll be posting up all the big news, too. Prepare your thirsts to be thoroughly quenched tomorrow with videos, Thirsty Conversations, breaking news, Quenchables and more.

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    didnt see much that impressed me, the design of the xbox one…kinda looks like a dvd player just a square box
    smh on this

  • Ghost250

    garbage, they didn’t give one reason to own the xbox one.