Saturday, January 31, 2015
Walking Dead PS3 Saves May Transfer To PS4 For Season 2

Walking Dead PS3 Saves May Transfer To PS4 For Season 2

Good news this is. After much confusion over whether PS3 files will be able to transfer to PS4 (Sony’s suggested they will not), the Walking Dead’s executive producer Kevin Boyle has made known to IGN that “season 2 will read what you did in Season 1 and that will tailor some of the things that happened in Season 2.”

He added:

They’ll be a lot more social and in-between episode features for Season 2 that definitely exploit what the new platforms have to offer. We’re super-excited about PlayStation 4 and what all the other big console manufacturers have in store.

On the files transferring to next-gen consoles debacle, TellTale founder Kevin Bruner chimed in:

We’re in close contact with Sony and they understand what is the secret recipe of The Walking Dead so expect that we’ll be talking about it soon.

Good news? Sure as heaven it is.

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  • foxton

    This just goes to show that they can transfer game files from ps3 to ps4 quite easily but their just refusing to to take more money off you!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Off of you, Foxton, LOL!

  • narwall14

    yay season 2!!

  • nick

    $ony never said you wont be able to transfer save files, they said you wont be able to transfer game files.
    which is self explanatory given the very different architectures of the systems.
    there shouldent be any issues transferring save files between the systems.