Sunday, February 1, 2015
PS3 Skyrim Players Experiencing Nagging Issues, Unbearable Lag

PS3 Skyrim Players Experiencing Nagging Issues, Unbearable Lag

It’s been a rough Skyrim journey for all platform owners. Whether it’s Xbox 360 with install and texture issues, PC with all sorts of strange bugs, or PS3 with lagging and data loss stresses, Skyrim is buggy as hell. The current issue for PS3 Skyrim players, however, deals with unending lag once 5-6MB of stored save data is surpassed.

Apparently the problem isn’t caused by having too many saved files, as the same issue can occur when using just one file since the longer you play, the larger said file becomes.

Bethesda’s told everyone to “calm down”, and “be patient”, they’re working on it, ostensibly. But this is not a good showing from a company that’s released so many games.

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  • nick

    not lag, low frame rate.
    lag refers to latency which is how long it takes for a action in your game to be sent to the server, registered and come back.
    skyrim however does not have MP.
    low frame rates have the same effect though, causing the frames to not be refreshed fast enough hence the term low frame rate.
    all bethesda games are plagued with it, and its why so many people are so pissed off with them!
    its not that there games are so buggy, its that there always the same bugs in every game!
    fallout 3 had a atrocious frame rate for a good 6 months!
    oblivion was even worse.
    im done buying bugthesdas games!
    when they can prove to me they can release 10 games in a row that are actually playable on release then maybe, just maybe ill start buying them again.
    till then they can kiss my money goodbye!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Poor showing by Bethesda.