Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix?

Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix?

What’s this? Another Assassin’s Creed PS Vita game on the horizon? If so, that wouldn’t be too surprising, as Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation did very well on the portable device… Either ways, stay tuned. Image discovered by AGB. Full image inside.


Let’s not get too carried away, though. This could be anything. An iOS  or Android title – or nothing at all.

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  • narwall14

    if it is for the vita and it has a co-op i will take back what i said about ubisoft

  • Alex Mason

    @narwall: No way would co-op be implemented into any AC game. I just want this to be for the Vita and have a real Multiplayer.

  • nick

    my moneys on a mobile game.
    i hope so, the first 2 were actually really good!
    be nice to see the franchise go back to its roots on mobile, the past few releases have been crappy card or RTS games.

  • narwall14

    they might and I hope they do put a co-op in if you dont like it then dont use it lol

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