Saturday, September 6, 2014


Walking Dead PS3 Saves May Transfer To PS4 For Season 2


Good news this is. After much confusion over whether PS3 files will be able to transfer to PS4 (Sony’s suggested they will not), the Walking Dead’s executive producer Kevin Boyle has made known to IGN that “season 2 will read what you did in Season 1 and that will tailor some of the things that happened in Season 2.” Read More »

Quenchables: The Walking Dead Now Available At Retail In NA


The Walking Dead is now available at retail all over North America, so Games Thirst people should have no reasons for not trying it out, unless they’re low on cash. The retail package includes all episodes and sets you back less than $30, plus it’s Game of The Year. What’s not to like? Your daily quenchable. Buy it on PS3, ... Read More »

Quenchables: Telltale’s Walking Dead Wins Game Of The Year


If you missed it, the game that won the most sought after award last night at the VGAs, wasn’t a mega-bucks title like Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4 or some other blockbuster, it was actually Telltale’s The Walking Dead. As if I needed any reminders that I should fully get into the game. Games Thirst user Foxton has constantly made ... Read More »

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Releasing In US Today


The fourth episode of Telltale’s Walking Dead series, titled Around Every Corner, will be released in the US today, October 9th on PlayStation Network for $4.99 or as part of the Season Pass for $19.99. The latest episode will be made available tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 MS Points, and on PC and Mac via the Telltale Games ... Read More »