Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Xbox 720 Will Win Next Console Race, Pachter Says

Xbox 720 Will Win Next Console Race, Pachter Says

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has said that the next Xbox will beat out Sony’s PS4 to win the upcoming console race because Skype and TV Tuner are killer apps.

In a presentation at South at Southwest over the weekend, Pachter presented a few slides which made plain his predictions, it’s immediately below.


According To Pachter, Xbox 720 Wins

According To Pachter, Xbox 720 Wins

Microsoft wins the next generation,” the slide titled Predicts. “The TV tuner and Skype are killer apps,” he said.

Sony, he believes, will be right behind Microsoft, making gains but not quite catching up after PS3′s misfortunes.

“Sony thrives in the next generation. Still playing catch-up, but Gaikai and content are huge advantages,” reads the slide.

Pachter also said that games would now cost $70, and Nintendo, although still thriving in software, will see its hardware future challenged because Wii U will most likely fail, selling between 30-50 million units globally.


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  • Alex Mason

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Micheal Pachter.

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    @Alex: LOL. Agreed.

  • nick

    all pretty safe bets.
    only one im doubtful of is the first, M$ selling more consoles than $ony next gen.
    whos to say the ps4 wont offer similar features to a tv tuner and skype?
    hell the ps3 already has netflix and so many other streaming channels, so thats practically a TV tuner there!
    then you have their google player device which i wouldent be surprised to see that integrated with the ps4, or at least them offering some sort of combined bundle.
    who sells the most systems who knows!
    but to say its going to be M$ just because they have a TV tuner and skype is idiotic!

  • Ghost250

    pachter is always wrong and i mean ALWAYS, so i don’t take anything he says seriously.

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