Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Soul Calibur II HD Online revealed, trailer inside


Namco has announced that a revamped, HD version of their hit fighter will be hitting Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 soon, through Playstation Network and Xbox Live, respectively. Named Soul Calibur HD Online, it will feature never-before-seen online play. As we can figure out, Link won’t be making a comeback, since there’s no Nintendo version planned. Xbox’s Spawn is not ... Read More »

Feature: About Used Games And The Next Xbox


Microsoft’s next Xbox has been the recipient of only bad media as of late because of rumors claiming the console won’t play games if it’s not connected to the internet, and will block used games from working. Games Thirst’s Tim Ceaser explains why Microsoft should forfeit its current path. Read More »

Xbox 720 Dev Kit Sold On Ebay For Over $20,000


For a long time now, there’s been this person who goes by the moniker SuperDae, who claims to have an Xbox 720 dev kit in his possession. The media believed him because the thing looks very authentic, but the story gets better. Apparently, someone, somewhere with loads of cash also believes SuperDae’s Xbox 720 dev kit is the real deal. ... Read More »