Sunday, January 25, 2015
Xbox 720 Dev Kit Sold On Ebay For Over $20,000

Xbox 720 Dev Kit Sold On Ebay For Over $20,000

For a long time now, there’s been this person who goes by the moniker SuperDae, who claims to have an Xbox 720 dev kit in his possession. The media believed him because the thing looks very authentic, but the story gets better. Apparently, someone, somewhere with loads of cash also believes SuperDae’s Xbox 720 dev kit is the real deal. Why, you ask? Only because they’ve paid $20,100 for the thing.

It was sold on ebay for the aforementioned price, attracting 43 bids before closing early. The description wasn’t big on detail, only saying the kit came with “power cables and a wired controller”.

Last week, SuperDae leaked more Durango screens, including Kinect 2 images.

Microsoft unwittingly confirmed last week that Xbox 720 does indeed exist, and will see a launch sometime next year, alongside a wave of new “Windows 8″ products.

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  • nick

    either these people are FAR too gullible, or they have FAR too much money on their hands!