Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Report: Next Xbox Intends To Takeover Your TV Via Cable Box Connection

Report: Next Xbox Intends To Takeover Your TV Via Cable Box Connection

Xbox isn’t simply ‘Xbox’ any longer, as a new report has made known that Microsoft is turning the machine into a cable box, as it intends to “takeover” your TV in what is seen as a big play for the living room.

According to The Verge, the next Xbox will hook up to a cable box, and Microsoft is planning to go further than Google TV due to its partnerships with content providers.

According to the report, the next generation version of Kinect will be able to detect multiple people better as well as eye movement. This will be used to pause the TV when people look away. This feature is said to be used in Google’s TV plans outside of just games.

MS is also looking to introduce its own low-cost “Xbox TV” set-top box, but not until next year, after the next Xbox has been released on the market. It’s said to be coming late 2013, and will be competitively priced with PS4.

Microsoft is planning a major Xbox event for May 21st. We’ll know more then.

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  • Ghost250

    nothing comes on tv anyways so this just seems retarded imo. the only TV network that anyone watches is AMC.

    ernicegilbert Reply:

    Ghost, I’m hearing some people are saying it might work out – but it has to be really, really good.

    Ghost250 Reply:

    since 2006 the number of people who got rid of cable in the U.S. has jumped from 2 million to 5 million. there just isn’t any content to justify the xbox having a feature like this imo. an we all know when it comes to the xbox live service it is at its best in the U.S. even people from other countries admit that.

    ernicegilbert Reply:

    Yeah, that’s another question I hear people asking: what about other countries? It’s all good in the U.S., but what about elsewhere? Surely MS can’t be banking on the U.S. market only….

  • dean kent

    so really what they are talking about is a streamlined version of what they have now…….sure hope they arn’t hanging there hopes on this. A console sells on GAMES everything else is window dressing.

    ernicegilbert Reply:

    Yeah – they better bring the games, Dean. But I suspect MS will buy exclusives like it did the last time, although I’m hearing there are some new games to be shown.

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