Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: What Do You Think Of The Xbox One?

Thirsty Conversations: What Do You Think Of The Xbox One?

Microsoft just unveiled the Xbox One, a console it’s calling “cloud-powered”, and one which comes bundled with a new generation of Kinect. Did you like what you saw?

To be honest, there were some pretty cool features, especially the voice commands, with the machine being able to switch between TV, games, apps and more with just words. But that was most of the reveal, with other execs jumping on stage to talk about TV partnerships and special content made for the console.

There was EA sports talking up exclusive content for the system, and Activision closed out with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Remedy showed an exclusive title and Microsoft promised exclusives… So what do you guys think? Did Microsoft’s Xbox reveal satisfy you?

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  • afrotravis

    hahah stupid xbots defending the no backwards compatibility for the xbox one.. They need to show mor games not this bs of NFL this NFL that.. or the system will flop fail. most of those cable services are now incorporated into tv’s now…I care the least about nfl… they really had nothing to show.. they reached a point where one person talks and introduces another .. who then talks and introduces another person. who then talks about a show they are working on ( as if we dont know that these game to movie/ tv show projects have a 90% failure rate of making it to the big screen.) thats it…. REALLY. wish i had gone out to eat company was paying for lunch FYI.. thanks microsoft.. M$ u hvae E3 to show me something n impress

  • Wolf1888

    Not really impressed to be honest. I’m a gamer. Gaming is what I use my TV for. I have a computer for everything else, which is Skype, internet, etc. What I want plugged in my TV is something that plays games the best way possible. PS4 is more powerfull with it’s RAM, and is made for gamers. It does not block used games, and does not require an internet connection. The PS4 is therefore more friendly for the core gamers like myself that do not want to reinvent “the way I use my living room”.

  • Hailceaser

    i’m not sure how people think it will be more powerful than the ps4, on paper their stats are almost identical. but when you add in that the xbox one (sigh now i’m annoyed with htc’s decision to name their phone the one) will be running three separate operating systems, i cannot see how it would keep up with the ps4 which will hopefully be learning from all of this microsoft stupidity (i mean sony will be learning not the ps4) and streamline their OS to run like a dream.

    plus kinect on, all of the time, so that if you tell it to turn on the xbox turns on.. sooo it is never really off then is it? anyone else not like the idea?

  • Wolf1888
  • Wolf1888

    I don’t like it either. I don’t care that the Xbox can “listen” non-stop, as they probably found a low-energy way to do it, but that you need it for the Xbox to work, that’s too much.

  • Baran Altuncu

    Not impressed at all, Internet Required, Second Hand games need payment, You always need the Kinect connected, no back-wards compatibility. It’s basically dead. Sorry Microsoft. PS4 is my game for next-gen. It has always been.

  • Ghost250


  • Ghost250

    yeah in the us only, those feature won’t even be available for the other countries until a later date as confirmed by microsoft. so really how is it better than the PS4? the PS4 is coming globally with all its features ready to go.