Friday, July 25, 2014
Next Xbox Shipping Early November For $499, $299 With Subscription

Next Xbox Shipping Early November For $499, $299 With Subscription

Paul Thurrott, the man who nailed the reveal date of Microsoft’s next Xbox, is back with a new rumor. This one focusing on release date, pricing and more.

Thurrott says Microsoft pushed back the reveal date of the next Xbox from April 24th to May 21st to give the company enough time to better position the console against Sony’s PlayStation 4, a machine that was revealed in February, at the PlayStation Meeting in New York.

The console will launch in early November, Thurrott believes.

The next Xbox will run on Windows 8,  and will cost $499 and $299. The latter is based on a subscription model with $10 being paid monthly. Gamers who opt for this model will also need to commit to 2 years of Xbox Live Gold.

Next Xbox

Redmond also planned on releasing an Entertainment Xbox, a machine with no vidoegame playing capabilities codename “Yuma”. That however is on hold, and might never see the light of day.

The next Xbox will also include a Blu-Ray drive.

The console must be always connected to the internet to function. Yes, this rumor claims the rumors before it were true, and that the next Xbox won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection. Thurrott claims however, that the feature isn’t as draconian as some may believe. Whatever that means.

Microsoft is also planning to release a less expensive Xbox called “Stingray”. It’s not clear why the firms’ releasing yet another Xbox 360 console, but some have speculated that it’s because the 360 has more life in it, and Microsoft wants to capitalize on the remaining momentum, hoping that thereafter those who purchase the cheaper Xbox 360 will move on to the newer, next-generation console later on.

Microsoft will reveal the Xbox on May 21st.

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