Saturday, January 31, 2015
Final Fantasy VII for PC Pulled From Square Enix Store

Final Fantasy VII for PC Pulled From Square Enix Store

Final Fantasy VII, which has been announced for a re-release on the PC, was available for purchase on Square Enix’s online store early this morning for $11.99. However, after a short amount of time, the game was pulled from purchase. This did not stop a few people from purchasing the game though, only for them to discover that they could not play due to DRM protection, leading to many disappointed customers. I suppose there is comfort in knowing the game is inching closer to release right?

Final Fantasy VII is set to release this year with new features like cloud saving, achievements, and more.

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  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Probably testing the network etc, but screwed up.

  • nick

    its so funny to see how often things like this happen!
    i mean come on dont people pay attention to what their doing and double check things to make sure this would not happen?
    no wonder the worlds in recession, everyones so dumb they cant do their job properly and everyones been fired!