Saturday, September 6, 2014
VT: Black Ops II multiplayer reveal trailer – quench it now!

VT: Black Ops II multiplayer reveal trailer – quench it now!

Take your first sneak peek at Treyarch’s newest Call of Duty title, Black Ops II, through the multiplayer reveal trailer that’s available below. Do you like the futuristic setting? Do you see anything vastly different to the relevant and usual Call of Duty formula? Just sound off below!

[youtube id="Dre21lBu2zU#t=3s" width="600" height="350"]

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I’m sorry but didn’t the developers say “It’s going to be built from the bottom to the top completely new game mechanics!”?
    This looks like any other COD the graphics looks the same, the only new things is just new weapons. Seriously If you think about it it’s still exactly the same.

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    I noticed prone-to-sprinting and the jump-to-prone mechanics :P

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Ooooh Yeah! I’m ready for this!

  • Mezzo

    This was very, very impressive. better than what i expected.
    I’ve been extremely busy with Work these past few Months, which is why i haven’t been able to Game Much, but hopefully by the time this & MOH come out, i’ll have a lot of free time on my hands.

  • Mezzo

    And i might be wrong, but did they teased ‘Cloak’ right at the end when the player jumps down from the Crashed Plane after killing 2 players. During the Commentary.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I guess I may have dissed the game too much. They did at least try to change the whole game, its not another modern warfare and i’m actually only interested in the single player campaign much more, because they did say there are different choices in the game, but will there be different endings? If there is replay-ability in the SP they that is a plus.

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