Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: You Love Modern Warfare 3, Why Is It Better Than Battlefield 3?

Thirsty Conversations: You Love Modern Warfare 3, Why Is It Better Than Battlefield 3?

Likewise, you love Battlefield 3, why is it better than Modern Warfare 3? It’s the shooter showdown TC thread of the year, so make your voice be heard and state your opinion clearly.

Let’s talk – Do It Here: The Official Games Thirst Warzone.

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  • foxton

    simple, its not!
    although neither are the best FPS, BF3 is better than MW3 and i havent even played MW3 lol,
    simply put its bigger, its badder, its bolder, its more in your face, its more diverse, its more flexible, its heavier, Its everything MW3 isnt.
    You actually feel as if your in the middle of a warzone, right in the battlefield (hey, just realised, maybe thats why is claled battlefield lol.)
    Modern Warfare feels like a game, yeah that might sound weird, but its tackier, its more plasticky yeah it may run smoother and have more fluidity to it and i suppose thats why people love it, but its these reasons that i dont.
    BF3 not only incorporates MW3 type maps and games, but it also has huge maps and the vehicle additions are immense, they are not too overpowering and they add a much needed addition to the saturated FPS genre.
    oh and the main thing
    its much more flexible, yeah some people may not like the rented server addition but now you can create your own games, your own game lengths. MW your restricted with what you do and how to play it, you are not in control and thats just how they want it!!

  • linglingjr

    so what is the best fps foxtron?

    Bf3 is better in everyway because you can do the same things as you can in mw3 plus a ton more. the only kind of clips you see on youtube on mw3 is trick shotting or kill feeds…. on BF3 theres a ton more crazy videos.


    Gotta agree wit foxton there, i loved the mw series BUT it gets dull right away and boring. Constant camping and hiding around corners gets really annoying. Not much team work ,theres always a lone wolfs on the team that are to busy caring about there k/d ratio to help you out.

    Also if your really good at the game people will start complaining that your a try hard and that you have to aim to kill them idk dumb sht people say in games these days lol

    On the other hand BF3 you have to actually work as a team, and have skill to win the game. If you dont know what your doing or where to go you die very quickly, this game brings alot of challenges and the game changes constantly, different battles and situations making you always thinking and on your guard.
    I would pick bf3 over mw3

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Linglingjr: Killzone is the best.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    And I guess I have to agree with you guys on the BF3 front, although I believe both games have great aspects to them, there’s just something about BF3…

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    LOL…I know Ernice was gonna mention Killzone. I personally think Killzone 2 & 3 have a much better single player gaming experience than BF3 and MW3. And as far a online multiplayer…BF3 is king. Much more challenging than MW3 and a lot more fun to be had.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    None of these games can touch Killzone 3 in technicality, and pure action. It’s also the most visually-stunning FPS on consoles! Not Crysis 2.

  • narwall14

    battlefield 2 is what i played and still do

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Seriously, Narwall? That’s cool. Why don’t you play BF3?

  •!/Beta_Beast Martin Zamora

    I prefer Battlefield 3, on the PC it’s nothing shot of amazing, especially when you have a PC that can run it on High or above. The graphics are superior than any Call of Duty game. Also in the game it actually feels like I’m in a war in multiplayer, with maps so large you have to use vehicles like jeeps and jets to transverse them in reasonable times, and also the sheer amount of players (64 is the cap on PC). Lastly, I like the little details like bullet drop and scope glare. One thing I do like on COD though is the perk system.

  • nick


  • nick

    hey, has anyone watched johns press note from quakecon this year?
    i can see him getting angry letters from M$ and $ony very soon, he just practically announced they already have next gen dev kits around the 40 minute mark.
    talk about putting your balls in a vice!
    im really starting to think doom 4 got delayed simply because id decided to release it for next gen systems.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Do you have a link to the vid?

  • narwall14

    I just don’t have the awesome laptop to run bf3 but i can run other games like it,but i still prefer bf2 because of the huge mod community

  • narwall14

    And Arma 2 ftw!

  • nick
    3 and a half hours really long, but really interesting!
    he spends quite a bit of time harping on about how graphics wont be a big piece of next gen, its more IO systems how we experience games, and how we control them that will be changed.
    basically what every other developer has been harping on about.
    exactly why hes putting so much weight behind VR!
    its a shame the occulus rift is actually a VERY low resolution!
    as it is its not viable for mass production, but hopefully all the kinks will be worked out within a years time.
    my biggest concern with this is exactly what its always been.
    we have the technology to build a ladder to heaven!
    but how many companies do it?
    not litterally of course, but the point being what we have the technology to do and what we actually do are 2 very different things!
    will there be enough companies to get behind this to bring it to mass consumer use, IE OLED 720P panels per eye, 120HZ.
    and IF we do get there, and they really are only 500 bucks a piece which is ridiculously cheap i mean keep in mind the $ony heads display is TWICE that!
    and its about 1/10 as good!
    but the more worrying part for me is will there be enough software for it?
    theres no point having true VR as we dreamed it if there is no software for it!
    its extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY exciting!
    but i seriously honestly doubt will be seeing these things in peoples homes any time soon.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Thanks, bro!

  • foxton

    yes shadow your right, BF3 is all about working as a team and that is another reason why its better!
    linglingjr, EG is right, killzone is the best, more specifically Killzone 2, it may seem a bit dated now, but man there is no game that gets anywhere near it, its immense, just immense.
    and the single player on killzone 2 and killzone 3 are far better than any on COD or BF, i still dont think ive seen a game as visually impressive as KZ3 and i doubt i will this side of next gen