Friday, September 5, 2014
Call of Duty Elite Has Over 12 Million Subscribers

Call of Duty Elite Has Over 12 Million Subscribers

Battlefield 3 has 1.3 million premium subs, but Call of Duty Elite has a staggering 12 million people signed up for its “elite” service, however the more telling statistic there is that only 2.3 million gamers actually pay for it.

The news was made known in Activision’s latest financial report, where it was revealed that World Of Warcraft had lost another 1 million users.

Although 2.3 million paid subscribers is nothing to scoff at, the fact there are over 12 million people who are registered for the service, yet 10 million of them haven’t opted in, is a rather telling sign. Maybe it’s because Xbox 360 users get it before everyone else, making for a rather confusing process. Maybe, some folks just didn’t see enough value.

What do you guys think?

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