Wednesday, August 6, 2014
New Battle Royale leak shows 2 new characters, final box art

New Battle Royale leak shows 2 new characters, final box art

People from NeoGAF and the Official PlayStation Forums uncovered new leaked material. Accidentally uploaded on the game’s website, and later taken down, users managed to take screenshots of the material before it was removed.

NeoGAF user Coolbgdog12 posted the following 2 screenshots, showing Sackboy’s selection screen, and Raiden from the Metal Gear universe, fighting with Cole McGrath. Interestingly, Raiden comes from Raijin, the god of lightning, thunder and storms, and Raiden also remarks “I am lightning, the rain transformed” in Metal Gear Solid 4, with this little trivia explaining why he’s caught in a fight with Cole, the lightning-infused superhero (or villain, depends on how you play) from the inFamous franchise.

Then, we have NeoGAF user SuperSonic1305 posting the following picture, showing a blurry image of the cast. Fans have recognized 3 characters from the image: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Kazuya (Tekken) and Jin (Tekken). The image on the right also suggests a different box art from what we’ve seen so far, and possibly, the final form of it.

Interested in this new leak? Check out the previous, huge leak, that a developer from SuperBot Entertainment confirmed was “partly real” but “not representative of the final form”. At any rate, stay tuned for the big Gamescom reveals to follow.

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  • Ghost250

    im sorry but this game looks lame. i’ve seen the gameplay and all i can do was yawn. people call this a SSB rip-off far from it if you ask me. if they were gonna copy SSB at least do it right. the stages suck, whos idea was it it to to take enviorments from other games and merge into one stage. id rather have dedicated stage not some cheap cop-out to say its different from SSB. the character selections are crap they have characters that no one cares about. like really who in the hell cares about radic, fat princess or that stupid cat. im sorry but where is Sir Daniel Fortesque he’s had games that actually defined the playstation brand, wheres spyro, crash, etc. another thing the music is horrible it sounds like the music that comes from the little dangling toy attached to a crib when a toddler is playing with it. no where near the epicness of a SSB game. im sorry but this game is gonna flop i can already see it happening. another game that PS3 fanboys hype up only to not buy it at all in the long wrong. it happened with starhawk, twisted metal, resistance 3, etc.

  • Ghost250

    *only to not buy it at all in the long run

  •!/Beta_Beast Martin Zamora

    I was just about to put up an article on this haha. Another character on the fighter banner is Nariko from Heavenly Sword, and Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Ratchet is semi-confirmed, but Nariko, I thought it remained a rumor. Sucks that Team Ninja cancelled the sequel!