3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/10
Level Design: 6/10
Difficulty: 3/10

The game has a lot of potential because of its innovative design and could be good fun sometimes

You will feel Inversion's poor state wishing the developer had spent more time polishing it

By Nick Mirabito: Just in case you want a quick yes buy this or no don’t, I thought I would put this into perspective. DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T! Inversion has to be THE worst game I have EVER played! Why? Read on.


• Destructible cover. Well this is both a like and dislike the game is very selective with what you can destroy. Some levels you can shoot a wooden bridge and it will crumble causing everyone on it to fall to their death. Other levels nope the bridge is indestructible. Walls, roofs, pieces of cover and even buildings. All these when the game wants them to be are destructible, but that is the problem. It’s very selective when it lets you destroy things, so how are you suppose to know what can be destroyed and what can’t? You basically have to go by trial and error, which is very risky because it wastes ammo and while you’re shooting a wall 100000 enemies are shooting you. So in the end you just end up saying stuff it it’s not worth it.

• Really inventive level design. The level design is really clever in some places. As you progress through there’s a distinct both locale and layout change in the levels, and each area is catered to what enemies you will be fighting. I was actually really impressed by this, allot of games just have 1 level layout with different environments to seem different. But inversion has levels based out on who you will be facing. If you’re facing melee enemies they throw you in tight confined spaces so you get outnumbered easier, and it’s very hard to maintain your distance which is critical to your survival. Other levels where your facing enemies with gravlinks, or rocket launchers the game always puts them far away and up high so you can’t take cover and it’s harder to get to them. It’s actually nice to see some thought and design gone into where you are and what you do, instead of the usual here’s your cardboard box and your cardboard enemies.

• Able to pause or skip cut scenes. Such a simple basic feature that really comes in handy. So many times I get to a crucial point in the story, a cut scene triggers and the phone rings. Or the door bell rings. Or someone calls me. Some games when you hit the PS button the cut scene pauses so this feature is not needed. But allot of games don’t, the cut scene just continues so this is a very useful and important feature. This feature gives a real insight into what’s wrong with Inversion. The developers had so much time on their hands they had a chance to add this feature, but they did not have time to polish the game and improve the bugs. There’s a real priority issue here.

• Enemies actually react to being shot. So few games these days actually have this. It’s nice to see enemies reacting to what you’re doing, and reacting to what happens to them. It’s nowhere near on the level of what RAGE offered, one of my most loved features of said game, but it’s a nice addition.

• Enemy AI is pretty good. They react to when you’re reloading and pile on the pressure as well as flanking you. They don’t just sit back and cover shoot, and spam you with grenades to force you to leave cover. They pick their shots carefully and push forward pressuring you.

• Really good enemy variety. So many games these days have 10 different types of enemies, but they play and react, how you approach them and how they approach you is the same. Most games have say enemies with machineguns, shotguns, pistols, ect, ect, but the way they attack you, and the way you approach them is the same. But in Inversion you can’t do that, you approach a enemy with a shotgun the same way you approach another enemy and you will last 2.6 seconds! There’s a really good variety from your close up and deadly enemies, to your standard grunts who try to outnumber you, to your heavies, to your distance enemies like the sniper and rocket launcher. Adds a nice variety to the game, and always keeps you on your toes.

• The story is actually quite good! I know, I know, you’re saying a shooter with a decent story? Yeah right! Well, it actually is. It manages to grip your interest, and always pulls you through your always saying just one more level I want to find out x. Has a few twists and turns too, you will never see coming.

• The characters are actually quite good too. Yea I know your saying the same as above, I was expecting that too, you know your typical hoorah muscle morons. Cough Gears. But there not, you really feel for them. They feel like 2 ordinary humans caught up in the storm and have to go through hell just to survive. The game really does make you feel for them.

• There’s a good amount of weapons, and they are very different from each other. Especially when you get later on into the game and start to unlock some of the stronger weapons it really starts to get interesting.

• The gravelink is so much fun to use! Picking up cars, flammable barrels, pools of oil, and hurling them at enemies never gets old. And the ground smash really comes in handy when you get cornered in an awkward situation. But that said this is another one in both the good and bad category. All the gravity features in this game have been done before. It just seems after all these years a developer would of said ok let’s move the game on. Sadly Inversion is not the one to do that, it copies and pastes from other games. Sadly it has not brought in some new cool features for gravity manipulation.


• Destructible environments. Both a like and dislike. When you can use it it’s done really well, actually taken allot further than what most games do. For instance the first level, never have I played a game where you can shoot down the foundations of a building to cause it to collapse. That was very impressive! But that said that is exactly the problem, WHEN the game lets you. It’s as linear and controlling as possible. The first half of the game was pretty good, a good portion of the levels are destructible and you can play as you choose. But about half way through you lose that freedom and it becomes much, much more controlled and linear. A shame, an awesome feature, done really well, but spoiled because of its infrequent and controlled use.

• Most of the in game motions are wrong. For instance if you’re walking on a beam and start to fall the game tells you to tilt the right stick when you’re suppose to move the left. Another example push to the left of cover and the game will come up with a icon indicating if you hit x you will switch to the next piece of cover. Except the arrow is pointing right indicating you will switch to your right, instead of left. Just goes to show how much polish and play testing has been put into the game. In other words, none!

• The aiming reticule is bugged. When you aim slightly off your enemy the reticule goes red saying your aiming at him when you’re not. You’re slightly off.

• There are problems with hit detection too. I’m constantly hitting my enemies but it not being registered, you can tell by them not reacting they normally react to being shot, and no blood coming out.

• There’s a problem with the reticule while leaning out of cover. When you tilt the left stick left, right, or up and hold L1 to peek out the reticule pops out in the middle of whatever your hiding behind, instead of to the left, right, or above. A car for instance, you move all the way to the left, tilt the stick up to pop up above the car and instead your reticule is in the middle of the car. Or tilt left and your reticule again is in the middle of the car instead of leaning to the left outside the car. Making the already cheap levels that much cheaper because the controls don’t work. There’s only 1 thing more annoying than a cheap game, and that is a cheap game with botched controls.

• There’s a massive delay between you tapping x to roll, and the character actually rolling. Really weird because roll is the only move that seems to be so slow. Really makes a problem with the Slave Driver because he uses a gravity whip and you have to dodge it. You react to his whip glowing, you hit x but by the time your character rolls out of the way it’s too late. So you have to put on your crystal ball hat and read into the future when he’s going to attack, and how long it will take for your character to do what he was asked to, that way with that information you can calculate the delay and compensate for the lag. Every other control is fine. It’s just the roll which is so delayed.

• Inversion has THE cheapest boss battles in the history of video games! First boss for instance you have to throw what seemed like 10 billion grenades at him before he collapses and you can throw a grenade into his mech suit. But that’s only the start, once you have done that you need to shoot him in the head to kill him. And all while this, if he hits you once in the second stage your dead. Oh did I mention there are no checkpoints? Yea, so I have to hit him a bazillion times and he only has to hit me once. Bringing a whole new extreme to the word cheap! Made worse by the fact that the controls are not exactly what I would call precise.

• The game is constantly mistaking a take cover command as a combat roll command. So many times I have died and had to redo the last 30 minutes of work because instead of taking cover my character rolled against a wall. It’s frustrating how many games these days do this. You CAN’T have take cover and roll as the same button, this is why! It’s like building a car and having 2 red buttons next to each other looking exactly the same. One is the start engine button, and one is the self destruct button. Manufactures would not do that, common sense says it’s a bad idea. So why are game developers? As if the poorly placed and infrequent checkpoints were not bad enough, they have to make that worse by constantly killing the player because of poorly placed controls.

• I HATE it when games force you to revive your teammates but you can’t be revived. How does that make sense? They have magical defibrillators in their chest and you don’t? It’s just a cheap lazy way to make the game harder. Also, why should I suffer because of the AIs incompetence? If the AI is stupid enough to stand right next to a boss why should I suffer because of his stupidity?

• There is so much pop in, slow down, screen tearing and graphical hitches, which is made even worse by the games poor graphics. If it looked like Uncharted 3 you could forgive the poor performance, but it doesn’t. It has quite a low standard of graphics so the poor performance is inexcusable. The game unfortunately screams rushed and low budget.

• The checkpoints could not be in more annoying positions. Every time you get a checkpoint it is in an annoying position. The first boss battle for instance you get a checkpoint, than 2 cut scenes trigger, and then you fight the boss. Why can’t they have the checkpoint trigger at the boss fight, instead of where the cut scenes start? Common sense.

• Friendly AI keeps running in front of my shots. If I had a nickel for every time I have picked up a rocket launcher to destroy a bunker and had myself blown up because of friendly AI running in front of me, I’d be the richest man in the universe.

• Difficulty is pointless! Especially in the boss battles there is no point having different difficulty types they make no difference! I managed to drag myself through almost the whole game on medium than ended up at one slave driver after you get the flamethrower he has SO much health I had so much trouble defeating him. So I lowered the difficulty thinking it would make it easier, but of course it made no difference what so ever!

• You’re dead with 1 hit, but enemies, well, sit on them with a flamethrower for 5 minutes and there STILL not dead! Right. You stand next to an exploding item instant death! Enemy stands next to exploding item there fine. Right, so useless controls, 10M V 2 are not enough advantages. Enemies have 100000 times more health than you too? Sad to say this but Inversion is THE most INFURIATING game I have EVER played! And I’ll bet THE most INFURIATING game I will EVER play! So infuriating and cheap in fact this is THE FIRST game I have played this gen which I don’t want to finish. I’m a completionist. Even if I hate games I have to finish them! I tortured my way through rouge warrior, I tortured my way through naughty bear, I tortured my way through THOR. But this, this is just too much! I quit! *Slams Door!*


Well, how do you score a game that has so much potential but fails to live up to it? You call it every game released in 2012! No, seriously how do you score it? Inversion is THE most frustrating game I have ever played! But on the other hand it has a great story, non stereotypical characters, and is actually some fun to play. It’s a shame the bugs, poor polish, infuriating cheapness and linearity outweighs the fun and very few small innovative things in there.
And because of that, because there’s only 1 good thing to every 10 bad things I cannot give Inversion any more than a 3/10.

Sorry Inversion, but maybe if you were not so cheap and infuriating I could push that up to a 5. And if you actually let me choose what to do, what to destroy, and had a little more to offer in the gravity manipulation department I could push it up to an 8. Than the rest is just consistency, and spit and polish. It’s a shame that such a cool idea, rarely done, and actually well executed has so many flaws. I’m shocked I’m actually saying this, but this is the first game this gen I will take back to the shops and never look back. That’s not me. I always have to finish what I start even if I hate it. I finished rouge warrior, I finished naughty bear, but Inversion is pissing me off so much I just can’t stand playing it anymore! I really want to find out what happens to the kids, and what happens to the planet. But the gameplay is making that impossible for me to do. The torture of never knowing the ending to this wonderful story will hurt allot less than one more second of this torturous cheap gameplay!

Here’s to a developer with some talent, and a publisher willing to spend the time and money on a concept like this picking Inversion up. There is SO much potential in this game, it just needs the love and care it deserves. Sadly it has not found it yet.

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Author: Ernice Gilbert View all posts by
Ernice Gilbert here. Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Gamesthirst. Thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

2 Comments on "Inversion"

  1. Christos Chatzisavvas July 30, 2012 at 9:21 am -

    Hm, is it that bad? Wasn’t on my buy list, but still, I expected more from it. Sticking with finishing Medal of Honor, War for Cybertron and some MvC3 for now.

  2. nick July 30, 2012 at 10:28 am -

    unfortunately yes it is.
    its so frustrating because the first half of the game is SO much fun!
    as i said the first half actually has quite a bit of destructibility so you feel like your in control, and theres a good variety of weapons.
    and with the first half of the game you fight 1 boss battle than thats it you wont fight another for a while.
    the part where i got fed up and quit i had killed 2 bosses which were slave drivers, than i killed one of the boss robots, than i killed another big robot, than i had to kill another slave driver.
    and all that seperated by maybe 10 minutes of open gameplay.
    it gets too much because you spend a hour constantly dying and redoing one boss battle, than finally get past him to only have to do it again.
    you put up with it in the start of the game because the boss battles are so far between so it does not get on your nerves.
    but half way through that changes and the game almost turns into 100% boss battles!
    im so disappointed because the first few levels are so cool, and oh so much fun!
    theres even a prison level early on where you have to go through stealth, it would of been so cool to have a few more of those!
    it just feels like half way through development the big wigs came in and said what the hell, your only THAT far!?
    you have 3 months to get this out!
    but, but its taken us 8 months just to get a third of the way.
    well something has to change doesent it?
    the first half is how the developers wanted it, than the second half was rushed to hell to get it done, and made as infuriating as hell and cheap as hell just to extend the playtime.
    so disappointed because i really wanted to find out what happens, i guess ill have to go watch a few youtube videos now.

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