Microsoft Wants To “Takeover The World” With Next Xbox, Says Pachter

The Next Xbox

Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes Microsoft’s looking to “takeover the world” with its next Xbox by turning the console into an everything box, replacing Smart TVs by partnering with a cable provider, hence enabling lower cost of entry.

Xbox 720 will be a Windows device capable of bypassing the need for a digital television box or smart TV, the Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst told a crowd at the Develop conference yesterday.

“I think Microsoft’s got it right [with their console strategy], and I think Sony will keep plugging away because they have an integrated strategy across all of their consumer electronic products. Microsoft, they have a strategy to take over the world,” Pachter said, as reported by IncGamers.

“Console will have to be multiple purpose devices, though. The Xbox 720, this is my prediction, is going to be your television as well [as your game console]. You’ll be able to tune into television through it.

You won’t need a ‘smart TV’ when you’ve got an Xbox 720, it will be your television and your internet. It’s going to be open architecture and I think it’s real trick will be that one Xbox will be able to display television to as many screens as you have in your possession.”

Pachter continued: “The next Xbox will be Windows for sure, and you’ll be able to open up multiple TV channels in different windows and you’ll use SmartGlass to shoot off different channels to how ever many screens you want. That is happening, that I’m certain of.”

Pachter added that the current subscription Xbox is actually pointing towards the future.

“I’m pretty confident that in the US Microsoft is going to partner with a cable TV provider, so I expect that the console will be priced like a smart phone. I expect you’ll be paying $99 for the console with a cable TV subscription.”

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2 Comments on "Microsoft Wants To “Takeover The World” With Next Xbox, Says Pachter"

  1. nick July 12, 2012 at 5:11 am -

    LOL, take over the world!
    this guys been spending too much time in his freezer room around crystal ball!
    its skynet all over again!!!!!!!!

  2. SHADOWBOXER July 15, 2012 at 7:56 pm -

    Ahh damnn

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