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Weekend Quencher 07/13/12 – Believe In Ouya, Edition

Weekend Quencher 07/13/12 – Believe In Ouya, Edition

What at week it has been! Gaming was moving smoothly with the daily PS4/Xbox 720 rumors, conversations about Wii U not being powerful enough and all else that’s par for the course. Then Ouya showed up, spoiling everyone’s party while starting their own. We lived in Ouya’s world this week, and it’s been quite a wonder to behold.

Ouya stunned gaming’s web. Literally. From dramatically surpassing its Kickstarter goal of $950,000, to becoming the fastest project to reach its goal, Ouya has now harnessed the attention of major industry players. Almost every website has written articles about the March 2013 console (that’s when it’ll launch, according to company founders), ranging from the overtly positive, to the downright nasty opinion pieces about why it’s destined to fail.

Yes, I’m intrigued. In truth, I’m quite surprised by the insanely positive response Ouya’s received, and I believe Sony and Microsoft are paying attention – they had better be.

Will Ouya put PS4 and Xbox 720 out of business? Don’t count on it, but it’ll disrupt how business is currently done in the games industry, and perhaps cause a revolution. It’s Ouya week, I reckon, share your thoughts, and tell us what’s going on with you this weekend.

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  • nick

    im really interested to see where they will take this, and how it will effect the industry!
    i really hope they do create a more powerful version of it as soon as possible, it has so much potential but it really cant reach it with those limpristed specs!

  • Crysis 3 EX-pert

    I think it has a big competition with Xbox and PS because people are used to play those famous console for years now, changing peoples minds will be pretty difficult.

  • nick

    2 totally different audiences.
    this is aimed at the people who play games on their phone, not people who play games on consoles or PC.
    a much lower budget audience, spending 5 bucks per game instead of 100 !

  • Wolf1888

    I already bought mine, so I guess I’ll receive it in march, but until then, I really don’t know what to think of it. I have strong hopes for Ouya, but some part of me fear it will fail. Oh well, we will see.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m hoping for the best. Some sites have been brutally attacking the console, even going as far as calling it a scam, and I think that’s very discouraging for those involved in trying to do something new.


    Check out this Eurogame article:


    Why knock something so hard when you have no idea what will really happen? Still can’t believe the article. It’s a blatant attack.

  • afrotravis

    @ that euro article.. tht dude ripped it a new a-hole.. i like when peter moore says “Get out of my office”
    I think the target audience is people who just want something very very simple gaming.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @afrotrav: I know right? I’d rather wait and see what happens.