Thursday, September 4, 2014
Weekend Quencher 09/15/12 – Some Things Never Change, Edition

Weekend Quencher 09/15/12 – Some Things Never Change, Edition

Some things never change. Nintendo, when it unveiled the Wii in 2006 was lampooned by the media for being out of sync with what gamers wanted. They were also judged by the media who claimed that the Wii, once released, would be the end of the legendary company. But we all know the story, Wii has sold more units than any other console this generation and has made Nintendo a great fortune.

Yet some things never change. The same story can be told for Wii U. When the machine was first unveiled last year, the same judgement was cast: “It will fail”, and “Nintendo is out of touch” is what you’d hear around media circles, leading me to believe that the human memory is either weak on remembering or we’re simply too bugged down with other things that we quickly forget the past.

When Nintendo held its Japan, Europe and U.S. Nintendo Direct events two days ago, everyone started signing a different tune. I fully expect Nintendo’s new console to be highly successful, selling at least 7 million units by March of next year, and a good 17-20 million by the time PS4 and Xbox 720 are released. That, my friends, will once again put Nintendo ahead of its competition at least in units sold.

Some things never change.

It’s the Weekend, friends, what’s going on?

For me, I’m attending a party later this evening, but my weekend will be rather quiet. I’m actually awaiting Borderlands 2′s release because it’s been a while since I got into a brand new game, and I’m a bit bored with Battlefield 3.

Yeah, I know, boring weekend. Maybe yours is a bit more interesting so share it! and have a great weekend!

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Ahh you guys have weekends on Sat and Sun, over here is Thu and Fri. Anyways I’m gonna start studying. If I have time to play, I’ll try to play Dust 514 beta when I can. I’m only playing WipEout 2048 on my Vita from time to time, i’m about to finish the multiplayer (Trophy Dance)! Ahh I don’t even think I can play Black Ops 2 that much when it comes out. Anywho I hope you guys have a great weekend!

    Also Ernice PMed you man.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Also who wants some COD BO2 single player campaign trailer that is new?
    I’m the news man.

  • Wolf1888

    Looks like we’re bot waiting for the same game!!

    It is kinda strange, because I’m more excited about Borderlands 2 than my own birthday (both the same day).

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Guys both my laptop and PC were down today. Only now got back online.

  • Mezzo

    @Ernice — A day without the Internet/PC is always healthy. =]

    I spent most of my time at the office and remaining time playing BF3 with my Big B.

    I have an extra Dust514 Beta code, if GT want to do a Giveaway, please let me know where to mail the code.

  • nick

    i doubt the wii u will be as successful as the wii.
    that took off because of motion controls, it offered something very new, very unique, and something people were very interested in!
    wii u does not have that wow factor though.
    yea it has a tablet controller but so will the 360 with smartglass, and hopefully $ony brings vita support to allot more ps3 games soon.
    wii u just does not have the allusive uniqueness and quirky oh i must try that out feel the wii did.
    not to say it wont do well, them finally embarrassing more of the core crowd and hopefully getting some cool exclusives bayonetta 2 was a good start will help them even more.
    i dunno, i just cant see them reaching the success that they have with the wii.
    not to mention we never see a company dominate 2 generations in a row!
    look at the ps2 it was wiping the floor with the competition, is still THE best selling home console of ALL TIME!
    the ps3 though will not be anywhere near as successful.

    as for my weekend im locking myself in my room, after last weekends spending spree i cant afford to go spend anymore money!
    god, its going to take me months to recover my losses……….
    right at the worst time too, when the new ps3 headset releases, iphone 5, and all the games coming out!!!!!!!
    still paying off my alienware too.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Mezzo: You’re right, bro.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick – Sure sounds like you’ve burnt a lot of cash. On the Wii U front, I’m not sure how successful it’ll be, but rest assured it’ll do Nintendo well. The firm will make good profits from its new console.

  • nick

    yup, 4K in 2 days thats gotta be a personal record!
    as for ninty yea of course they will do fine with it, just saying i hope there not expecting it to be a whitewash like the wii was because thats not gonna happen!
    have to show ya this though, gave me a good laugh.
    good ol samsung, never fails to put a massive smile on my face!
    yea, their childish but you gotta love em!
    remind me of the little corner shop standing up to the big department stores……