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Thirsty Conversations: Will You Buy Wii U?

Thirsty Conversations: Will You Buy Wii U?

So, Nintendo made its big move today, unveiling in earnest the Wii U, giving release dates, showing off specs, and boasting an unprecedented launch lineup. The company was even able to secure Bayonetta 2 exclusively to its platform, and analysts like Michael Pachter couldn’t help but predict that Wii U would be soon out of stock, after being impressed by Nintendo’s presentation.

Indeed, even some here were impressed by Wii U, with one user looking to sell his PS Vita to buy one. So here’s the question: Did you like what Nintendo showed? If so, will you buy a Wii U?

Let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst U.

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  • Ghost250


  • Ernice Gilbert

    Why not? It’s looking great! I love the new Nintendo TVii thing, plus Bayonetta’s an exclusive…. and just so much has been announced. I think Nintendo’s on to something… Tell us why not, Ghost.

  • Ghost250

    well basically i’m not interested in none of the games. all that other stuff like Nintendo TVii, netflix and all that is not the reason i buy a new system, sure its nice but it irrelevant to me. games are what matters and the wii u doesn’t have that and it looks like its not gonna have that for awhile. btw i hate bayonetta, but it was a good move for nintendo to pick the project up and make it work in their favor.

  • Mezzo

    No, trust me… this is an Easy No for me.

    Ever since the announcement of the WiiU, I’ve trying hard to find reasons to get excited about it, but I’ve failed to do so.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: Didn’t really like Bayo, either. But I believe they’ve made strides… look at the launch lineup. And I know we say we buy our consoles to play games, but we do expect them to be media hubs, also. These days they everything, and I believe Nintendo’s taken things up a notch here. I also believe it’s enough to keep Nintendo fans happy.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Mezzo, do today did nothing special for you on the excitement front? Okay, that’s understandable. I see how you guys feel.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I really can understand where you guys are coming from, after all, they failed the hardcore crowed hard with Wii.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    But rejoice, Hardcore! NINTENDO IS BACK! Sorry, I need a reason to post that link :D

  • Ghost250

    the fifth element LOL

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah HAHA :D

  • narwall14

    i just hate the fact that they pay more attention to this and never enough to the vita

  • Joshua Tompkins

    I am on the fence. I said i would get it if it was 249 for the 8gb and 299 for the deluxe model, but since they are not, I will wait. I know it is only 50 difference, but that is a lot and I do not feel that I will be getting my money’s worth. I will get it eventually, but probably not until the price drops some. I like some the game pad integrations that I have seen, like the split screen in Cod, but I am going to wait and see what people say about it first.


    Its a maybe for me, i love the black ops presentation graphics looks very good compared to the wii graphics.
    Also the features the wii u has, look pretty dope.

    But its not really a good console choice for hardcore players like myself i love my shooters and action games , not saying that nintendos wii doesnt have games like that just that the ps3 and xbox delivers it way better .
    Anyways everyone has their own taste of games and what console suits them better.
    Also I always picture lil kids playing on this more then i see mature people playing lol..

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I am not buying this.
    If you guys want to know why it’s just because (don’t get me wrong I love the Wii U the presentation was awesome) over here in Saudi Arabia nobody was even interested in the Vita let alone now the Wii U. Over here nobody will buy a Wii U because they think it’s for kids. I’m sure that only one kids in my class is going to buy it since he is a Nintendo fan. So if nobody buys it I have nobody to play with no Co-Op, no Split Screen and no Multiplayer.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Narwall: Nintendo’s systems have all sold well. Whether its’ the DS, 3DS or Wii, Nintendo’s proven that it can constantly put out hits.

    With its handhelds, Sony hasn’t seen much success, and making games for a portable machine that hasn’t sold much units is a huge risk. Developers are simply playing it safe.

    Let COD and AC3 help Vita sell a few million units if they can…. More devs will board ship.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Josh: That’s a reasonable conclusion. I too like some of the GamePad-focused specialties. Might Nintendo “win” again? Are they slowing trying to win back the hardcore? We shall see.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Shadow: I know how you feel, bro! But it seems as if they’re pitching hard to the hardcore. Let’s see if the can win some of us over. I suspect they already have. It seems as if all major games coming out will be getting the Wii U treatment – finally Nintendo makes a console with a bit of power….at least for one year – before the Next Xbox and PS4 arrive.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Grim: What’s the console of choice in Saudi Arabia?

  • nick

    i will be, but only for zombie u if it was not for that id be waiting till zelda comes out.
    been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long since we had a proper survival horror game, i can wait no longer!
    pretty disappointed in the launch lineup though.
    out of all of them im only interested in getting 2, zombie u and new super mario bros wii u.
    besides those, from 1 day after launch, to the end of the launch window march 30th, theres precisely ZERO games im interested in getting!
    there all either games that already are, or will be available on systems earlier.
    ME, batman, trine for example.
    pretty disappointing ninty!!!!!!!!!
    one thing i really hate about $ony and ninty.
    product launch after product launch they release a new device but have very few mascots if you will available on launch.
    they come out and say ok that was a mistake we will make sure we dont do it again.
    they realize their mistake and swear it wont happen again, then go do it every single god dam time!
    if they had a metroid game, or a donkey kong game, or anything from rare, to go allong with the launch titles the thing would fly off the shelfs!
    but 1 game out of one of the biggest publishers in the industry is, to be frank, pretty pathetic!

  • nick

    sorry, 2, forgot nintendo land but point still stands.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, good points. A Donkey Kong game would be super!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    As I said on another post, I will! (Copy pasting the response)

    Well obviously, one reason is that it’s my job :P Second reason, I’m a collector, can’t miss on it! Third reason, I have faith Nintendo will innovate. So far, the Wii U was DOA for me, but in just one day, Nintendo managed to spark a lot of interest in it. And thus, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!

  • nick

    sure would!
    seriously cant understand why ninty has been so cold shoulder to diddy!
    i mean come on he is one of the biggest most famous mascots out there!
    nice to see hes in nintendoland, hopefully that means a new kong game is on the horizon!
    absolutely freaking loved donkey kong country returns!

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    @Ernice: PS3 mostly over here, just a few with X-Boxes (30%).
    Don’t get me wrong guys, but just like I said nobody here would want it so I don’t want to play alone. :) Maybe when I go to college in a dew years then possibly I might buy one. But for now, nah.

  • benzo

    No Wii U for me at launch. Sure it looks all cool,but it has all the “new” smell on it. And the launch line up being the best ever….IDK about that one. There are a few exclusives and the rest are ports of games that 360 and ps3 owners have had for a while with DLC included. So Wii U owners are doing to pay $60 for games they can get brand new with DLC for 360 and PS3 for less than $50 in most cases with DLC included. The launch lineup is more suited to nintendo owners who dont have other systems. BLOPS2 and Assassins Creed 3 are nice additions for nintendo, but most folks are going to pick them up for 360 and PS3. Especially since AC3 hits about a month b4 Wii U drops. People want to see Nintendo succeed,but the launch lineup hype is crazy. This proves that Wii U isnt truly next gen because when the Nextbox and PS4 drop we wont get a bunch of ports for games we already own. We are going to get new IPs and sequels. Now the one thing Wii U does have it the most launch titles,but quantity doesnt equal quality.

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