Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Do You Plan On Buying The iPhone 5?

Thirsty Conversations: Do You Plan On Buying The iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 has a taller screen, faster data speeds and 250 brand new apps, amongst other features. Do you plan on purchasing one? Let’s Talk. Do It Here: The Official Games Thirst Mobile Debate Center.

The phone sees a release September 21st, with preordering commencing on Thursday.

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  • Ghost250

    never had a iphone might as well start now

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You’re saying you’ll buy one, Ghost?

  • Ghost250

    yeah i am, tired of carrying around a phone and a ipod. might as well just have a unified device. even though apple sucks, they do make good portable music devices which is the only thing from apple i actually care about.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True indeed. And their products are always the best when it comes to longevity. Nothing lasts longer than Apple products.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Good choice.


    I think im gonna hold on my money for this one, theres a lot i can use my money for, then this.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, but you have to admit it’s looking good, Shadow :)

  • linglingjr


  • TheGrimOfDeath


  • nick

    nope, simply because my phone does everything it does either just as well or better!
    wish i could say i was disappointed with this, but sadly this was exactly what i was expecting.
    this has turned out to be a S model, just a hardware upgrade instead of a total revision like the 3 to 4 was!
    very, very, VERY disappointed!
    really was hoping t his would be a massive leap forward so id have a excuse to get rid of android since i HATE it!
    sigh, looks like im stuck with it or go back to the same old same old………..
    unique but crap, or boring but efficient.
    which do you choose?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I dunno :D Seriously, though, it wasn’t that much of a leap

  • nick

    of course it was!
    it had a far higher resolution screen, far more powerful processor and GPU, far higher res camera, facetime, and a total new design!
    it was BY FAR the best phone on the market both looks wise and hardware wise!
    ever since though its been the opposite, the 4S and 5 are FAR behind the competition both in look changes and hardware advancement!
    hell, the galaxy S3 has a higher resolution screen, and its already been out 3 months!
    and higher res screens is apples apple, litterally!
    its always the thing they go to, pride themselves with, so im really disappointed it has the same res as the freaking 4S!
    its a larger screen making it so much easier to pack more pixels in, so if anything this was the perfect chance to do so!
    no excuses, they made it easier for themselves so they decided this would be the first time they dont touch it.

  • ExclusivesMostly

    I’ll buy it. Upgrade from the 4. I like IOS

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Nick, I was referring to the iPhone 5. I’m in agreement with you.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Congrats! ExclusivesMostly!

  • benzo

    I reject Apple and their money grubbing tactics. New accessories must be bought to use with the Iphone 5…money grab in my opinion. Iphone 5 seems like s3 with not as good screen resolution. But once again, I hate Apple so screw the Iphone 5. I will no longer spew hate lol. But it seems like most people are happy with the new phone so kudos to them!

  • nick

    ah sorry thought you meant the 4.