Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Buy A Sony VAIO, Get A PS3 Or Vita Free Of Charge

Buy A Sony VAIO, Get A PS3 Or Vita Free Of Charge

Sony’s put out a back to school program of its own, similar to Microsoft’s buy a PC, get an Xbox 360 free of charge offering. Sony’s promo, however, nets you either a PS3 or Vita. Win-win, we say.

Unlike Microsoft’s deal, you’ll need to buy a Sony VAIO and not just any PC, however there’s a myriad of models to choose from, starting at $750. Alternatively, you can choose to buy Sony gear with a gift certificate of $200 if you already own a PS3 and Vita.

All the details are through here. Thanks, Engadget.

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  • nick

    should do it with their TVs they would sell allot more than with VIOs!
    VIO is like the macbook pro series.
    WAY overpriced!
    i remember last year when i was looking at getting my gaming notebook i wanted to get a F series VIO but to get the same specs as the toshiba that i ended up getting would of cost me 1400 bucks more!
    same specs, so why is it 1400 more?
    because its $ony, thats why!
    not to mention toshiba gives you 3 years warranty, $ony only gives you one!

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