Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Games Thirst PS Vita Giveaway – We Have A Winner!

Games Thirst PS Vita Giveaway – We Have A Winner!

Late last year we opened up an opportunity for anyone who “liked” Games Thirst on Facebook to win a PS Vita/Uncharted: Golden Abyss Bundle, and today, the same day it launched, we have a winner.

Sadly, it’s not someone from the site! (that’s just terrible), and I suspect the person might not even be a gamer, but the winner of our contest is Alphina Bontiff. I actually know the girl! If I didn’t know better I’d reshuffle the names, but fair is fair, so we must stick to the promised rules.

We’ll ship Alphina’s portable console asap to the address given and who knows, she might just get into gaming.

Here’s her profile.

Again, sorry guys, I was rooting for Ghost, Caribbean Clank and Foxton.

Don’t worry, we’ll do this again.

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  • narwall14

    well guess i have to find another way to get one

  • smoge

    Congratulations to Alphina, not that surprised I didn’t win I was never in the running for it because I don’t have a Facebook account (I know right). I’m sure she’ll love it.

  • narwall14

    well smoge i was hoping you got it

  • linglingjr

    Congrats I don’t remember this happening but that’s pretty cool

  • Ghost250

    its cool, ill just buy my own. congrats though

  • foxton

    Ha we were talking about this last night werent we!
    congratulations Alphina, i think you should come to an agreement with her that if she finds she doesnt use it she should give it away to another facebook follower!
    Also fair play Ernice on sticking to your decision and actually sorting something like this out. Proves just what a gamer and how dedicated you are to your site and fans!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes, Fox! We spoke about this last night! Anyway, I really want to say thanks to all of your for supporting Games Thirst! You make this place vibrant, and this is just the beginning, we’ll have more events like this one. I hope she does become a gamer! Thanks for participating, guys.

  • os1019

    Congrats Alphina Bontiff enjoy the Vita. Games Thirst delivers once again….