Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kaz Hirai Speaks To Press In Japan Tomorrow About PSN Breach

Sony’s confirmed that PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai is to hold a press conference in Japan tomorrow, to give updates and answer questions relating to the PlayStation Network breach.

Hirair’s event will start at 2.00pm Japanese time (9.00pm PST, 12.00am EST, 5.00am BST, 6.00am CET) where the boss will talk many things concerning PSN and Sony’s future plan for the network.

The network was hacked last week with Sony calling the breach “a malicious attack”, and plan on investigating the matter to the fullest degree. The giant also said it’s “looking into” adding new features like cross-game chat and in-game video chat to the service, something we’re sure would boost the company’s image during this rough period.

PSN should be back online next week by Tuesday, just in time for the weekly update.

Anyway stay here as we bring you all the latest breaking news from the presser.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    just wanna know when it’ll be back live.

  • Dean Kent

    i think a live secure network is the most important all the bells and whistles are nothing without a good network to play our games on.

  • nick

    bout bloody time!
    they have allot of answering to do!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’ll be live sometime this week, ExclusivesMostly:

  • nick

    tuesday there aiming for.
    it will be up in pieces though, first online gaming and qrocity, the store not till the end of the month.
    looks like im going to miss out on the RFA demo!

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