Wednesday, September 10, 2014
How Sony Fell Behind – New York Times

How Sony Fell Behind – New York Times

Follow the link to New York Times and learn how Sony, once one of the world’s leading innovators fell behind. It’s a must-read for all PlayStation fans. Quotes are below.

“What went wrong is a tale of lost opportunities and disastrous infighting. It is also the story of a proud company that was unwilling or unable to adapt to realities of the global marketplace.

Sony’s gravest mistake was that it failed to ride some of the biggest waves of technological innovation in recent decades: digitalization, a shift toward software and the importance of the Internet.

One by one, every sphere where the company competed – from hardware to software to communications to content – was turned topsy-turvy by disruptive new technology and unforeseen rivals. And these changes only highlighted the conflicts and divisions within Sony.”

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  • nick

    as ive said $ony went down the shitter because the way they treat their customers!
    ps3 put a massive hole in them, it cost them so much money to research and develop, and even more to manufacture, and it sold so poorly for quite a while.
    so they had to cut allot of corners, the quality of all their other products, especially speakers and TVs went down.
    but to make things worse not only was the quality poor, the price was as high as it ever was!
    releasing shit products is not a problem as long as you charge shit prices for it.
    when you start releasing Suzukis and charging Ferrari figures thats when you end up half way up shit creek without a paddle!
    $ony has suffered allot all because of the ps3, which is another reason why im so worried about them releasing the ps4 so soon.
    they have lost a shit load of money on the ps3, they have made so little of it back so they go and spend more on the vita.
    there spending, spending, spending and there not making any money to be spending.
    last thing we can afford is for the ps4 to come out and it get the same reception the ps3 did!
    i really think $ony needs to prioritize their market, pull back on headphones, pull back on car stereo, pull back on HIFI equipment.
    that is not where the big profit is for them, the big profit for them is TVs, gaming, and mobile phones.
    if they REALLY push their playstation suite, make the PSN catalouge available on all their phones, and bring multiple phones that have higher specs then apple they can really profit from it!
    in other words they need to start doing what they were doing years ago!
    stop trying to be jack of all trades master of none, and be jack of few trades master of all.
    in other words we may only do 2 things, but we do those 2 things better then anyone else!
    IF they go back to the quality they were known for, if they bring back their bravia series back to being the best available which it use to be, then soon they will be swimming in the dough!
    they just need to stop being so god dam tight a$$ed, stop cutting corners and doing things properly!
    their 3D head visor for instance.
    that is the perfect example of what sony was, and should be!
    which other company out there offers similar tech on the market now?
    sure there are heaps of companies prototyping but NONE of them are available for purchase!
    their 3D viewer was proof of $ony bringing tomorrows technology today.
    thats why they were such a big company in the past, and is why there such a small company now!
    the vita and their xperia play are 2 perfect examples of that!
    the 3D visor is tomorrows tech no one offers a product like it!
    the xperia play, well, its outdated for a 5 year old phone!
    let alone todays!
    and the plans for it are the same price as a iphone 4, yet its not even half as powerful!
    another example of $ony charging Ferrari prices for a Suzuki.
    same for the vita, next to high end smartphones and tablets its really not that amazing.
    more todays technology than tomorrows!
    $ony needs to stop trying to cut corners doing things half a$$ed!
    they need to go back to their ambitious selves and release the best product they can!
    not the best product they think will be profitable.
    the vita is a PERFECT example of that!
    $ony is ALREADY making a profit on it!
    just goes to prove they could of and should of done so so much more with it!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Sony will rise again, I’m sure f it!

  • nick

    im not so sure.
    one thing ill never forget is the day my father first came home from china.
    he walked in the door and did not say hello or anything, so i asked how was the trip and he goes to me nick never work with asians, they are so god dam set in their pride they will not listen to reason!
    you can get a sledgehammer and smash it into their head, but they still wont budge!
    then went straight to bed.
    mind you he was there to teach them how to install new industrial chemical pumps, things they had NEVER seen before!
    and they were telling him how to do it, even though they had never seen the things before!
    so imagine how much worse they would of been if they were experienced with them………

  • narwall14

    well at least psn is free unlike xbox lame