Saturday, April 13, 2013

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PlayStation Heading To Number 1 – Kaz Hirai


Kaz Hirai was crowned Sony’s new boss two days ago, and while he won’t assume his role until April 1st, the exec is already laying out where he wants to take the company as a whole, and of course, the PlayStation brand. He says the latter is heading to the top. Read More »

Kaz Hirai named Sony president and CEO

Kaz Hirai named Sony president and CEO

Sir Howard Stringer to become chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012. kaz hirai - Kazuo Hirai has been appointed as Sony president and chief executive officer, effective April 1, 2012, Sony has announced today. Sir Howard Stringer, currently chairman, CEO and president, will become chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012. Stringer recommended to the ... Read More »

Kaz Hirai: Games Will Always Need A Physical Medium

And there you were thinking that come 2015, the world as it is will change altogether. No more will we need physical discs to play games on consoles, you thought, because by then, earth itself will be renamed “The Digital Planet”, and humans will be raging war against all who dare resist the phenomena. Oh child, you are so wrong, ... Read More »

These Five People Keep The Gaming Industry Exciting

In every segment of society, there are folks who make themselves known to everyone. They do things that regular people would only do if they were under the influence of alcohol and say things not even politicians dare utter. Yes some folks abhor those type of people but the majority mostly love to hate them. In the gaming industry, we ... Read More »

PS3 Motion Controller Delayed Till Fall 2010

It almost seemed impossible that Sony would be able to release its Motion Controller this spring as Kaz Hirai said last year, especially when you take into consideration all else the company has going on with the PS3 at the moment. Including the system’s stellar lineup in said season and the fact that the giant might want to add more ... Read More »