Sunday, June 9, 2013
PlayStation Plus Keeps Getting Better And Better

PlayStation Plus Keeps Getting Better And Better

For the lucky people who are in PlayStation Plus, this week has brought a fantastic treat! Demons’ Souls, one of the best games that I have played is free!

The PlayStation Network has had a rough ride, slower downloads, no cross game chatting and an infamous network hack that knocked out the entire network for months. Combine that with the smooth experience of Xbox Live and you can see why Live is the more popular online service.

However, for me there is no competition, Live is nice and everything, but I get all of the online services including playing online in games like Call of Duty and downloading games on the PlayStation 3 for free. Also if I want to go on Netflix or use a browser, that is also free, Crackle? Completely free!

To do any of those things on your Xbox 360 you need to pay for Xbox Live.

So to recap, PlayStation network can do almost anything that Live can do, maybe not as smooth, and missing a couple of things (cross game chat?) but the price is right.

If you do pay, and get into PlayStation Plus then you get free games! Not just discounts, but actual free games. This week the big one is Demons’ Souls, a fantastic title that I highly recommend.

So why isn’t there more love for Plus?

Personally I think that Microsoft is going to have to change Live substantially to stay afloat next gen, I can’t see why the service would continue to be so popular when the competition’s offering’s going toe-to-toe and charges nothing.


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  • Aaron Crampton

    Yet another reason I am glad to subscribe to Playstation plus. Well worth the investment

  • freezeplyr8

    @google- i agree with u totally. I’ve been a subscriber to plus since chistmas 2010 when my sister got me a 3 month card and I haven’t looked back since.

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