Thursday, June 6, 2013
Thirsty Conversations: What would you like to see on Games Thirst?

Thirsty Conversations: What would you like to see on Games Thirst?

I took the liberty to create a poll on our Facebook page, asking people over there what would they like to see implemented in Games Thirst — be it weekly shows, dedicated articles, or whatever else. Bringing that poll over here I am, asking our dedicated Games Thirst audience this: what would improve your Games Thirst experience? I’m posting some suggestions below (same as poll), and if they don’t suit you, feel free to post yours in the comments below!

- “*** game/developer/publisher Month”, month-long show/articles dedicated to random/asked games/developers/publishers

- “Replays”, playing random, old games while live-streaming them

- “This week in gaming”, show/articles summing up the weekly news/events

- “Play with the staff”, live-streaming matches on any game, playing with the GT staff

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  • Wolf1888

    Well, I’m pretty happy with what I got, Games Thirst is great how it is.

    I’d like to say reviews, because we do not have a lot of them, but Ernice usually posts a list of reviews about the big games just when it’s released, which is pretty much what I need.

    I’d add a forum. But Ernice (and the overall staff, I assume) is already working on that, so… yeah.

    (Keep up the good work guys!)

  • Hailceaser

    admittedly the “replays” intrigues me since i have a decent library of older games that i enjoy.

  • Alex3fleming

    A play with staff might be good for a more engaging community.

  • Crash Ōkami

    Well, once the army is out of the way, I will take care of reviews! Until August, though… :( Nice thoughts there!

  • Crash Ōkami

    It intrigues me, too! Having my Dreamcast just in front of me right now, I’m thinking, shouldn’t the world just see what all the fuss is about, and the people asking for a “Dreamcast 2″?

  • Crash Ōkami

    Yup, that’s the main idea behind it!

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