Tuesday, December 24, 2013
The Last Of Us Reviews Are In – “The Best PlayStation 3 Exclusive”

The Last Of Us Reviews Are In – “The Best PlayStation 3 Exclusive”

Day of reckoning has arrived for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, as the review embargo has been lifted, and critics from around the world are revealing their scores. You won’t be disappointed, however, as there’s not one review that I’ve seen is perfect. IGN says, “The Last of Us is the PlayStation 3′s best exclusive.” Eurogamer concluded, “The Last of Us is a deeply impressive demonstration of how it can and should be done. It starts out safe but ends brave; it has heart and grit, and it hangs together beautifully. And it’s a real video game, too. An elegy for a dying world, The Last of Us is also a beacon of hope for its genre.”

The Last of Us Review Scores:

IGN – 10/10

Eurogamer – 10/10

CVG – 10/10

Edge-Online (Edge Magazine) – 10/10

Kotaku – Yes

Videogamer – 10/10

Destructoid – 10/10

GodisaGeek – 10/10

PushSquare – 10/10

Giant Bomb – 5/5

Edge concludes:

Naughty Dog has delivered the most riveting, emotionally resonant story-driven epic of this console generation. At times it’s easy to feel like big-budget development has too much on the line to allow stubbornly artful ideas to flourish, but then a game like The Last Of Us emerges through the crumbled blacktop like a climbing vine, green as a burnished emerald.

The Last of Us releases June 14th exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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  • Wolf1888

    Whoa! Now that’s an amazing game!!!

    I think it’s the first time I remember seeing a perfect score from EVERY major reviews websites for a game.

    That makes me want to preorder it again.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yesir. If you’re ps3 owner, you should buy this game. Epic stuff.

  • Wolf1888

    Man I just cant wait to get my hands on this game!