Sunday, July 6, 2014

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With Remote Play And Price Cut, Are You Now Sold On Vita?


Yesterday Sony announced a PS Vita price cut, and demonstrated how the portable console’s remote play function works. See below for the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video demo. Sony also announced a slew of games, both indie and from bigger studios, that will be released Vita this year and next. The console looks more attractive than it’s even been, ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: How Do You Feel About Micro-transactions?


Publishers, most notably EA, are now experimenting with a new model in gaming called micro-transactions. Basically the new model demands payments in order to get, say, a certain type of ammunition, gun, and other perks that would be normally available in a regular game. Dead Space 3 experimented with it, and that did not turn out good. It’s a nickle ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: Have Your Gaming Habits Changed?

When I was younger, I gamed a lot. Now that I am a man, I game, but not as often as I used to. Is it the same with you guys? Do you find yourself gaming less because life has happened? I know that’s been the case with me. I remember when I’d spend 8hrs straight playing, say, an RPG ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: What Do You See?


Below the break is The Phantom Pain’s reveal trailer. Many, including us, believe it’s Metal Gear Solid V, and there are many clues in the trailer that lead us to believe it is indeed so. But investigate it for yourself and tell us what you see. Read More »