Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Who’s Ready To Sell Their Current Consoles?

Thirsty Conversations: Who’s Ready To Sell Their Current Consoles?

Before you can blink, PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will be shiny new things gamers will be lusting after. Some will have the cash to purchase immediately, some will have to start saving from now to secure their buys.

Here’s the question: Are you ready to part ways with that old PS3 or 360 to buy PS4 or 720? Let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst Emotional Roller Coaster.

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  • Alex Mason

    No way, no how. I love my PS3 and by the way I have PS+ so I am so not leaving all these great games that will still come to the PS3.

  • Alex Mason

    Oh yeah, look at this small cool thing I found how to do on Reddit. XD

  • Wolf1888

    No way! The PS4 won’t play my PS3, PS2, and PSone discs, so I’ll need that trusty PS3 still with me.

  • linglingjr

    I sold my PS3 a year and a half ago because I knew the PS4 would come soon. Now I have a PC and will never look back PC MASTER RACE PS4 SUCKS

    lol I’m kidding.

  • nick

    not many will.
    3 reasons why.
    1 no BC.
    2 theres allot of games still releasing on ps3, allot more than there was last gen.
    3 the prices of systems wont be as high so customers wont need to trade in their systems to save some money.