Saturday, August 30, 2014
Weekend Quencher 03/02/13 – Waiting For Microsoft, Edition

Weekend Quencher 03/02/13 – Waiting For Microsoft, Edition

The PS4 announcement has come and gone, but the recently unveiled console is still grabbing all the media’s attention. News about Sony’s next-gen  machine keeps pouring in and journalists just can’t seem to get enough of it, including us here on Games Thirst. But what about Microsoft? What is the firm waiting for?

Rumor has it Redmond will show its next Xbox in late April, and some even claim the reveal might not come until E3 in June – but with each passing day – week – month that Microsoft holds back the next Xbox’s reveal, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stays in the limelight, dazzling and enticing gamers the world over. We wait, impatiently, for you, Microsoft.

Good things comes to those who wait, but not to those who wait too long. It’s the weekend, friends, what are you good Games Thirst people up to?

Me? It’s a quiet one for me. I’m actually contemplating selling my PS3, because I’m not one who goes back to the old once the new arrives. Yeah, I know – but I haven’t gone back to my PS2 that much, and that console had a much more attractive library than PS3. I forsee the same thing happening here: I’ll hold on to PS3 and it’ll wind up sitting underneath my bed, so I figured I’d sell the darn thing instead.

Gaming-wise, I’ll try to complete inFamous 2, and I’ll  hit up Battlefield 3 as I try to better by K/D ration before I put that game down. Oh! And I’ll be a this party tonight with my wife, eating (hopefully) great food.

What about you guys? Share it, and have a great one!

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