Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: How Do You Feel About Micro-transactions?

Thirsty Conversations: How Do You Feel About Micro-transactions?

Publishers, most notably EA, are now experimenting with a new model in gaming called micro-transactions. Basically the new model demands payments in order to get, say, a certain type of ammunition, gun, and other perks that would be normally available in a regular game. Dead Space 3 experimented with it, and that did not turn out good. It’s a nickle and dime the gamer system, and people haven’t taken too well to it.

I need to know how you feel about the thing.

Share your thoughts.

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  • linglingjr

    don’t like it one bit, don’t think others will either. Here spend $60 on our game (Who knows how much ps4 games will cost….) but if you want that really OP gun you need to pay an extra $5 oh and that one spec yeah that will be another $5. BF Premium and COD elite got a ton of flack and I don’t see why these ideas wouldn’t either. Guess it hasn’t gotten much publicity?

  • Ghost250

    publishers have been doing micro-transactions in the form of pre-order bonuses. like pre-order this game and unlock blah blah gun and get double XP. like if micro transactions kill the pre-order bonus then im fine because the pre-order bonus will be on the disc for me to unlock when i do a certain requirement. an micro transaction is the for the impatient people that just want to unlock stuff as soon as possible. i can see bright side to this but knowing EA its just another way to screw consumers

  • nick

    im fine with it, under one proviso.
    allow people to unlock it themselves through completing game tasks, and they have to be relatively quickly.
    its not really fair to say give us 2 bucks, or put in 200000 hours.
    dead space 3 is a perfect example of how NOT to do micro transactions!
    first dead space within 2 hours i had found at least 3 new weapons!
    dead space 2 same thing.
    dead space 3 im about 80% of the way through, have been sending out all 3 of my scavenging bots every chance i get, and i STILL have not received enough resources to build new weapons!
    that is how NOT to do it!
    if i could get said weapons by sending my scavenging bots out constantly for 2 hours and built up enough resources then i would not care about MTs.
    but i cant, EA has said to me you can pay 4 dollars for this weapon, or you can play the game for 12 hours.
    thats where i draw the line.