Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Thirsty Conversations: So, I Can’t Play My Xbox One Games If I’m Not Online After 24 hrs?

Thirsty Conversations: So, I Can’t Play My Xbox One Games If I’m Not Online After 24 hrs?

Gamers have been asking for clarification on this, and finally Microsoft has revealed that if your Xbox One has been offline for more than 24 hrs, you won’t be able to play games, online or off, on the console.

That means if my internet is down for a day or two – even three, I’m stuck. It means I can’t go on a weekend drive to an old cabin with my Xbox One. Also, people in various parts of the world without internet connection cannot play Xbox One.

That means… it means… wow. Let’s talk, do it here: The Official Gamesthirst think tank.

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  • Benzo

    All this is making me really NEED a PS4 on launch date. The xboxone is a freaking PR disaster!! I only hope that Sony does the complete opposite as for as always on…YES YOUR XboxOne must always be connected MS…and the DRM. I will eventually get an Xbox1 cuz I’m a ravenous gamer, but not compelled to take that plunge on launch. EPIC F**KING FAIL!!!!

  • ernicegilbert

    It’s a complete disaster, this.

  • rpatricky

    What the $hit is going on at MS? Did they decide to let retards market the Xbox One? Even if this whole thing turns out to be some huge misdirect to keep people from knowing the truth, it is a stupid and terrible move. “Sorry, we were joking. It’s awesome and not what we said”. SCREW YOU! MS can suck a bag of dongs!

  • Hailceaser

    microsoft must have some amazing games lined up to “kill sony” at e3. unless they want so many people to buy ps4′s that sony can’t keep up and eventually goes out of business because of it? it seems to be the way things are heading. who really thinks that this is a good idea?

  • Ghost250

    dude i’m a gamer also but i would never purchase an xbox one even if they have some of the best games ever. it’ like saying it’s okay to screw the consumer.

  • rpatricky

    Well said Ghost.