Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Microsoft Is Destroying The Games Industry With Xbox One

Microsoft Is Destroying The Games Industry With Xbox One

There’s something that we never really notice about us humans, and it’s that we’re extremely patient. No, it’s true, we are! We are patient with governments who, for decades and sometimes even centuries, abuse human rights, steal from their people and rule with iron fists. Just look around the world and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We often times let political leaders lie incessantly to us, force laws we didn’t ask for down our throats, fail to do the work of the people yet still, at the end of the day, their paychecks are bigger than most. Yes, we tolerate a lot – but there comes a time when we rise and say enough is enough. We have been trampled on for too long. There comes are time when, as a people, we must take action.

Ironically we face the same situation in the games industry today, we being “the people” and Microsoft being “the government”. For years the gargantuan company has abused the system by charging gamers to play games online, putting services like Netflix that you’ve already paid for behind the Xbox live paywall, and nickel and dime their way to billions. It has been accepted for years, but with Xbox One, Microsoft has overstepped its boundaries by one mile too many, and it’s time gamers rise and say enough is enough. How do gamers accomplish this? By not buying Xbox One.


In this current generation of gaming, the seventh, you can buy a game, loan it to a friend, and resell it at any retailer who has a used game program (most of them do). You can also play your offline games infinitely without an internet connection and never miss a beat. You can, in this generation, buy a game and keep it until you’re old and grey, pass it to your children, and they can even pass it onto their children, pending they have a console said game still works on. The last point deals with game ownership, and not having to”loan” an Xbox One game from Microsoft upon purchase.

But all our rights of this current generation will be a thing of the past if we choose to buy Xbox One. If I buy an Xbox One game, I cannot loan it to a friend upon release (Microsoft said it’s working on changing that… Whatever). And if I’m indeed “allowed” to loan a game to my friend, it’s only one friend, and said friend must be on my friends list for the past 30 days. There may be other restrictions where that is concerned, but Microsoft hasn’t clarified. Xbox One won’t work if I do not have an internet connection for just 24 hrs. That means I can’t go on a weekend drive to a place without internet connection to even play my offline games on Xbox One.  It also means, because of Microsoft cloud use for games now, that my Xbox One collection is a lie, smoke and mirrors, a collection Microsoft can yank away in straight seconds because it decided to turn off some servers. By the way, the “cloud” is just a glorified word for servers. That’s all it is.

It used to be that when you purchased a game you owned it, now Xbox One only loans you the titles you bought for over $60. It means we own nothing as gamers after we’ve paid so much money for them. It means Microsoft is trying to adopt the Apple/iTunes philosophy in an industry that’s inherently different than the music’s. The firm’s considerations doesn’t even recognize the gamer, or in this case the customer, and its rights are a consumer. No, gamers are trampled upon for sheer greed, profits and self/company interest. Microsoft has swooped into the games industry and is trying to rig change to please its investors. Investors who most times don’t care about gaming, and wouldn’t care if the industry collapsed.

When will we agree as a gaming community, millions of us, that enough is enough? When will we stop gobbling every single thing these giant companies violent shove down our throats and say we’re not having it? We can scream all we want on internet forums, but the real test comes when the cable box console arrives on store shelves this holiday season with attractive exclusives like Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. The test comes when you remember the good ole days of Xbox 360 and feel a mighty rush to run out and pickup an Xbox One but remember that you’ve made a decision not to buy it. Because not buying the console is the only way we can win this war, and believe me it’s a war.


It’s a war for the very soul and survival of the games industry as we know it. It’s a war these massive firms are constantly waging against consumers in the name of profits. It’s a war for our rights as consumers, and it’s a war that can only be won IF we truly take a stand and leave Xbox One where it belongs: gathering dust on store shelves the world over.

I do not hate Microsoft, but they’ve gone too far with this. And while only a few thousand of you will see this story, you can share the word with friends and family, and have them do the same. Be sure to explain to them that the console isn’t consumer friendly at all, and they’d be better off buying the competition’s machine…. Speaking of which….

If Sony chooses to go the same route Microsoft has chosen, every line in this article will also be directed at them, and we should boycott PS4, too. Because again, it’s not about the company, it’s about our rights as first consumers, and as gamers.

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  • Benzo

    Good article sir! Like i said before…I’m pretty fearful of what E3 brings. Sony has to do something diff. But I have a feeling they will leave it up to the publishers to decide their own individual policy for used games. But with PS4 not needed an internet connection…I wonder how it will be enforced….

    All the wind has been taken out of my sails for Monday. sadface

  • ernicegilbert

    Yes Benzo, Sony had better make things clear. Very clear on Monday, because Microsoft has just dashed stink water in the face of gamers all over.

  • Eric Sanderson

    Well written, but nonetheless pretty ignorant article. Its obvious the game partners/publishers would be the one’s pushing for these decisions, and that being the case, whatever xbox may implement, you’d be naive to think sony wouldn’t have to do the same. Somehow i think when it comes to that though, everyones not going to be saying “Sony” is ruining gaming.

  • ernicegilbert

    Eric, your comment is relating only to the used games portion of my article and hence Microsoft’s policy, a policy it said could change at any time. But you made no mention of Xbox One needing to be always-online to work, or go dead after 24 hrs, preventing gamers from playing even offline games. You made no mention of gamers losing their ability to trade in games at any retailer they so choose, since MS will only allowed for “partners”. You never mentioned that gamers who buy Xbox One games will only be able to loan it out one. Are you okay with all this?

  • Ghost250

    it’s the people like you who just brush off the issues aside like it’s okay to do this when its not. no other industry sets up these type of restrictions what makes gaming any different??? btw some of the restrictions don’t even make sense for the publisher to even ask for that, like having to connect once every 24 hours or kinect having to be connected at all times. your’re naive to think microsoft AKA F*** You Pay Me, didn’t jump on board with these types of buisness practices.

  • Eric Sanderson

    Ya? And you know these publishers and what their business strategies are? No other industry sets up digital rights management restrictions? Right…im quite the opposite of naive actually, i just happen to have more info about this than you do. Microsoft doesn’t lose or make a significant dime either way. Im just saying, when Sony finally grows their balls and announces their policy…well, im just going to laugh at a lot of you with your haterade sights locked on MS. lol.

  • rpatricky

    It’s about damn time you wrote about what everybody, except the totally clueless and inept, have been thinking! Thank You!

  • MistahJones

    Good article. M$ has gone to the cloud on Office and is expected to do so with their OS as well. Adobe also just yanked all of its software titles and sell only “leases” for cloud licenses. They figured they’re better off “loaning” what you pay for, precisely for the fact that they can yank it away and you’ll pay again.

  • nick

    Gamers are making there stand against microsoft? Well ill be damned good for them I agree microsofts gone too far with this I highly doubt they care for what we say its all for the money