Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Our Xbox One Messaging Was Bad, Admits Microsoft


In an interview with IGN, Microsoft’s Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten has contended that it wasn’t necessarily that DRM was bad, but rather the company’s messaging. He also insisted that they need to talk more about the console and its features, not less, as many gamers would like them to. Read More »

After Xbox 180, EA Says It Won’t Bring Back Online Passes


While the rumors were heavy about the Xbox One being built with anti-consumer DRM policies that would make publishers the likes of EA happy, EA announced that it was abandoning the online pass because it wasn’t profitable, fans said they didn’t like it, and because it was simply a bad business decision. It had nothing to do with Xbox One’s ... Read More »

Microsoft Kills Xbox One DRM, But The Damage Is Done


It was the biggest reversal of policy we’ve seen since the inception of the games industry, a company basically trashing out the door the concept on which its console was built because of consumer backlash. Microsoft surprised the gaming masses by doing what it did last night, but has the damage already been done? Read More »

Microsoft Abandons All Its Xbox DRM One Policies


Microsoft, after a backlash the likes of which the games industry hasn’t seen, has abandoned its Xbox One used games policy for something much more consumer friendly. The console’s used games policy now works like that of PS3 and Xbox 360, no internet connection will be required to play games, and the console won’t even be region locked.  A complete ... Read More »

Rumor: GameStop Stops Taking Xbox One Preorders


Reports on twitter are claiming that GameStop is no longer taking preorders for Xbox One, giving credence to a recent rumor that claimed employees of the ubiquitous games retailer were highlighting PS4 instead of Xbox One, as the latter console’s used games policy threatens the very foundation of its business. Read More »