Wednesday, January 28, 2015
You Won’t Be Able To Loan Or Rent Xbox One Games

You Won’t Be Able To Loan Or Rent Xbox One Games

You won’t be able to loan or rent Xbox One games, Microsoft has confirmed, although the software giant said that it’s exploring the possibilities with its partners.

The firm revealed the news today in a lengthy post today detailing its Xbox One’s DRM features. The console won’t be able to play offline games if it doesn’t recognize an internet connection in 24 hours, however it’ll allow you to share your games with up to 10 family members, and Microsoft has said that as a publisher, it’ll allow gamers to give their used games to friends – but only one, and only to someone who has been on your friends list for the last 30 days. When it comes to third party publishers however, the decision will be out of Microsoft’s control.

In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers.  Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends. Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners.

Xbox One sees a release later this year.

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  • Prettyboyred

    this make me really not want an xbox one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benzo

    This is publisher/dev friendly…If Sony does something similar then gamers will be equally pissed. But if they dont,publishers/devs may not support PS4. Sony needs to explain and soon on their DRM policy. E3 is looking like it could be a scary scary time for console gamers. I’m fearful

  • ernicegilbert

    Yeah, it’s like these guys forgot about simply gaming, and are trying to shove down the throats of gamers money grabbing policies. It’s all about money.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yeah. I really don’t see the need of all of this.

  • freezeplyr8

    sony will never go the route microsoft took on games. sony will more than likelly keep it like the ps3 set up of reselling and not blocking games.