Saturday, July 26, 2014
Xbox One Kinect lets you stand pretty close to the sensor

Xbox One Kinect lets you stand pretty close to the sensor

Almost half amount of distance compared to its precursor for two players.

Information out of a leaked Brazilian Xbox One manual indicates that the successor to the Xbox 360 Kinect won’t require users to stand at 1.8 meters (alone; 2.4 meters for two players) anymore, but instead, it will function at a minimum distance of 1.4 meters.


The document, unearthed by NeoGAF users, also states the height is similar; a minimum of 0.6 meters to a maximum of 1.8 meters above ground.Having used the original Kinect at a friend’s pretty small house, I can say this makes life that much easier. Are you interested in the revamped Kinect?

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  • dink

    Personally, I hate the Kinect.
    If it had remained a must have device for the X-Box 1, I would never even consider buying it. I am aware that requirement has been rescinded now.

    Did I say I hate it? You have no idea how much!
    I have lost count of the amount of people I have muted who use it.
    Why? Because those people are too stupid to either turn the microphone off or turn their tv volume down. – Their game noise gets echoed in my speakers. It’s damn annoying and ruins my experience.

    I am also sick of the background sounds that can be heard when people use their Kinect. Dogs barking, babies crying, kids screaming or arguing and parents chatter. It can all be heard.
    If you must use the Kinect, use it with a game designed for it, not for community games!

  • Crash Ōkami

    Indeed, it’s not marketed towards the hardcore gamers, and it’s not something a casual would throw down money for. The fact Microsoft forces it onto every Xbox One adopter might pay off as hardcores will get more (and worthwhile) Kinect games, or it might not, and they’ll curse the day they trusted Microsoft for its inclusion and the $100 upwards price compared to the PS4.

    Personally, I hate it as well. It’s got some potential, but hey, I can’t help but laugh when that potential is “showcased” in games like Kinect Adventures. Oculus Rift, though? I’ll pre-order that little devil once it’s up for grabs. It’s not that I hate innovation and technology, it’s that when interesting technology turns into gimmicky, mindless “something”, it annoys me.