Friday, September 5, 2014

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Microsoft: “We Believe In Kinect 100%”


Microsoft has basically sidelined Kinect by making the motion device non-mandatory, something we’ve been asking for for months now, but the company still believes in the peripheral, with Xbox frontman Major Nelson taking to Reddit to talk about the reversal. Read More »

Another 180: Xbox One Does Not Require Kinect To Function


Microsoft has been all over the place in recent times, reversing, changing and outright abandoning Xbox One policies, and today the company announced yet another stunner: Xbox One will play games without Kinect, although Microsoft said that the console would still come bundled with the peripheral. Read More »

Microsoft Cannot Drop Kinect


Today IGN ran an article claiming that it had gotten insider information claiming Sony got rid of the PS4 Camera to beat Microsoft at price and, with a negative tone, the article tried to paint the move as a bad thing. One could argue that the PS4 Eye would bring some great gaming experiences to the console, and because Sony ... Read More »