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Weekend Quencher 08/24/12 – The Case For Cartridges, Edition

Weekend Quencher 08/24/12 – The Case For Cartridges, Edition

Yesterday, EA’s Peter Moore said he feels “sorry” for those of us whose world was cartridges, when all we knew was offline gaming. He felt bad for us because, according to what he’s noticed, there’s a sense on forums that gamers like myself wish the old days would come back, a wish that will never be granted. But there’s nothing to feel bad about, 30yr old gamer, because back then we had full length games; not shortened experiences that gives way to DLC, not bug-ridden titles needing numerous patches to get the game to start, not menaces on Xbox Live and PSN spewing all sorts of vulgar language in the faces of decent gamers, and not the constant raping of gamers by publishers because of new technology in the digital age. There was none of that.

So I pity you, Mr. Moore, who has to constantly come up with new ideas on how to squeeze even more money out of gamers, I pity you for somehow believing the new days are better than the old ones, because they are not. And while I applaud where technology has taken us, I miss the days of Nintendo and Super Nintendo, the days of Sega Genesis, PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Say what you will, but don’t you dare feel pity for us.

It’s the weekend, friends, what are you guys up to?

Martin Zamora: This week I will probably not be able to game much. I’m going to be moving back to college to start a month long training to be a Resident Advisor. So I’m going to be really busy this week.

Christos Chatzisavvas: I’ll be writing the story for my very first game, which will be my personal journey translated into a game, much like Papo & Yo. Other than that, I will publish my Darksiders II review tomorrow!

Stephen Chapman: I’m writing the last in my 5 Pillars of gaming feature. I have an Endless Space review coming and I’m preparing for my first few steps into Video journalism.

Ernice Gilbert: I’ll be performing at a concert tomorrow night, about three songs. The rest of the weekend will be all about working on Games Thirst behind the scenes. Apart from the aforesaid, I’ll be chilling, spending quality time with my one and only woman.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I have got to start studying for my O levels, school is about to start and I think it’s better to get a head start. There definitely will be times I’m going to game, going to buy MK for my Vita next month so I can play on my bus during going to school. :D

  • nick

    the mans got a point though.
    hes just saying he feels sorry for older gamers because there set in ways, things that we just wont have anymore!
    SP campaigns have become far less important than what they use to be.
    DLC use to be about expansion packs, now its all MP related!
    so i have to agree with him, its nice to be able to experience that and remember it, but in a way i really wish i dident.
    i would be enjoying todays games FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR more if ps3 was my first ever gaming device!
    as for the weekend sadly a VERY boring one for me!
    today had my little cuzs confirmation on and tomorrow ive got a wedding to go to.
    sigh, why do these things always have to end up on the same weekend?
    so annoying i wanted to try get some personal time to do things i need to, ive been stuck at work for so long the past few weeks!
    and getting up at 4 in the morning every single god dam day is starting to make me loose my sanity!
    at least i got to watch total recall tomorrow.
    not the greatest movie but it was pretty good i enjoyed it.
    now i just gotta watch the new bourne movie and im done for a while, not really much else releasing im too interested in.
    expendables 2 looks ok, but dunno if id enjoy that.
    at least arnies back, ill probably go watch it just for that im a big fan of his!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Grim, sounds awesome man! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick, I do agree with Moore to an extent, but feeling “sorry” for us is ridiculous.

    On your weekend, enjoy it, man! Seems like fun :D

    And on that game you’ve been helming forever?

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Woop woop, relaxed weekend for me, with a lot of work involved, so much that I haven’t even touched my Vita, not to mention a console! Enjoy yours, people :D

  • nick

    ah had to stop that a while ago, i havent touched my programming work for a few months now because of work.
    i want to go back to it eventually dunno when im going to get time though.